Welcome Note From My New Home!

Hello, everyone! Greetings!

Finally, I made it to my new home. I’ve talked about how I wanted to have a new and personal website (still) under WordPress, but at least I’m not in their dorm anymore. I’ve been thinking on moving in to this new home and I finally did it a few days ago.

Here, I can do something more, like decorating my websites and all. I’m still doing a bunch of adjustments and maintenance, but you all can still pay me a visit. I managed a free WordPress blog for about 2.5 years back in irulemylife.wordpress.com. Basically, everything I have there has been transferred here, to my new personal website. I hope with this new home, I can move or leap even further.

I won’t give you an eternity-long post/note today, but let me say once again, WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY WEBSITE (OR USED TO BE BLOG)¬†and I’m expecting to see and hear anything from you all. You can engage a conversation or even a little chit chat. I appreciate each and everything you did/will do to me (as long as it’s constructive and in proper manner).

Remy R.



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