Warung Bu Kadek : Hidden Downtown Gem

Apparently there’s a Balinese home restaurant at the downtown of Yogyakarta. The name is Warung Bu Kadek and since it’s at the downtown, that means it’s pretty far from where I live. They only serve pork so I can’t say no to this one. The fact is, I knew about this place from few years back and not sooner. I didn’t quite hangout or go out much at that time and I quite regret it now. A few posts back I already posted about another Balinese style restaurant (here) and actually the coming one is similar but more simple.

Balinese Pork ‘Nasi Campur’ at Warung Bu Kadek!

FYI, Warung Bu Kadek is closed every Saturday and on Sunday they have additional menu called nasi campur istimewaOnly on Sunday! That’s what I always get whenever I visit this restaurant since it gives every type of pork available. You can customize your order, though, if you prefer to have less or more favorite type of dish.

warung bu kadek

My last time, I also ordered that exact same menu again but I chose to have an item changed. For a full set of nasi campur istimewa you’ll get rice with several types of pork items. These items including soy sauced pork, fried pork, rica-rica, pork sausage, pork satay, deep fried pork fat, minced vegetables, sambal matah, steamed pork, and the soup I think the name was baikut. Since I don’t like spicy, I changed the rica-rica for extra slices of sausages.

So Let’s Talk About Each Items..

warung bu kadek 2

First of all, let’s start by the most noticable one, the soup. The soup was totally different than the one in Warung Bu Komang. Here the soup was way more tasty with sharp salty flavor. It also had several chunks of boiled pork. Despite being salty, it’s not overly salty and really has soothing taste.

warung bu kadek 3

Moving on to the main attraction, the pork. The rica-rica which I didn’t have that time was full of spices. That was as far as I can remember of the item itself. It had strong taste of turmeric thus creating yellowish color. The soy sauced pork was great. Not really soaked in soy sauce broth but instead cooked a dry one. It’s sweet but with very subtle sweetness. Deep fried fat was my favorite but I understand I shouldn’t take those overly. It’s slightly sweet and had unique texture, kinda half crunchy. Fried pork was ok. It’s not crispy but pretty dense though since they’re in big chunks of meat. Not really my favorite since it’s hard to bite and chew, not because of the flavor.

Special Sweet Skewered Pork

The skewered one, pork satay was sweet and usually grilled perfectly so it has little charred mark. Usually satay use peanut sauce but this time, it’s pure soy sauce. It’s also a little bit spicy which probably because of the soy sauce x chilies dressing. I love the satay! The one in banana leaves was the steamed pork. It’s a pretty big chunk inside and tasted really savory and full of spices. The texture was rough. It’s a little bit rubbery though.

My Favorite Of The Entire Dish, Sausage..

Last three items were the sausage which is my favorite of all, the pork skin kerupuk, and the sambal matah. Sausage had very unique texture and flavor but mainly very strong lemon grass flavor. It’s dry inside with dry sausage skin but that makes the entire sausage so great. The kerupuk (cracker) was very crunchy and complement the entire dish very well. As for the sambal.. I didn’t quite try it that time but I’ve actually tried a spoon-tip and it pierce both my tongue and throat directly. It was so spicy that I couldn’t even continue eating it but you who loves spicy and hot food might love this one. It’s mainly salty-savory and made of minced chilies, garlic, and onions. If it wasn’t that spicy, I would surely love it seeing the main ingredients.

To Conclude Them All..

To top them all, Warung Bu Kadek really give a great deal of Balinese dish. For a portion of that nasi campur istimewa they only charge you IDR 17k meanwhile at familiar Balinese restaurant, it might be about IDR 20k+. It’s unexpectedly cheap but have breathtaking quality. I recommend you to try this one. Map will be provided below. OK I guess that’s all, don’t forget to follow my IG @bitethefood, visit this blog for daily update of foodie and gaming, leave me comments at comment section below, and see you next time!



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