Very Detailed Reading-Only Game : Zombie Exodus

Lately I found a game (actually its successor) but it’s still at the 1st part and the developer is still working on it. This game is called Zombie Exodus : Save Haven. Upon playing the first part, my friend told me there’s another similar game, the previous installment called Zombie Exodus. This one has been fully developed and was a very interesting game. Hosted Games as the developer really nails their job at making such simple games with exciting experience for players.

If you play this game, you can count, maybe the amount of pictures in this game (excluding this game cover)


could be less than ten, really. Even those in-game pictures during stories are just basically sketches, rough sketches, just to make a simple image in players’ mind about what happened on Zombie Exodus universe. That cover artwork is pretty awesomely drawn, though. 😀

The gameplay is simple, you read and choose. Really, that simple. Like any other choose your own story games. Like this, as an example of one in-game screen..edpabgw

See, a minimalist tone isn’t it? Basically it’s just 95% texts. Zombie Exodus‘s selling point is its storyline. The story is very complex for ‘just’ a game. The creator (or storyline artists probably) really did their job amazingly at describing every situations in the game. They gave us extraordinarily detailed ‘images’ of the story. You will start at the same point but will have 9 different endings depends on how you progress throughout the story.

My own favorite thing here in Zombie Exodus is its character development, even with deeper feature in the next installment, Zombie Exodus : Safe Haven. In that last picture, it’s a screenshot of a scene where you can decide your own profession/job. In this game you can choose 1 among 5 and each might results in different endings. Then there’s the character status including strength, dexterity, intelligence, and charisma. Each could be developed through some ways inside the game and each would really matter in the story. For example, you could die in a battle with zombie only you’re lacking strength, meanwhile higher strength could easily kill zombie and carry more items. That kind of possibilities.

I won’t spoil too much story of this game, but inside you’ll encounter a lot of crossroads like rejecting/accepting new crew, recruiting people, killing someone/something, and so on. Each relationship with people are displayed and can affect your story. You can be hated or loved by people. You can even have boyfriend/girlfriend. Hah! That’s it! A little bit of romance inserted during zombie apocalypse :D.

Anyway, even 9 different ending possibilities are featured, I only tried 2. Too tired to get everything. First playthrough got a ‘so-so’ ending (IMO), and the second run got a quite interesting and a little bit sad ending (IMO as well). Overall, I love this game, specially the part that you can choose your own in-game fate hahaha. Looks like the developer also made some different themed games and I think I might try those. Last but not least, if you enjoy reading my entire story, give like below, and give some comments if you have any ideas/opinions. See you on the next stories!


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