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No, it isn’t typo when I typed McB, but it’s really called and named that way. I don’t really know why it’s named that way, but the owner gave tagline for this place ‘McB : The Unusual Pork’.This place is newly operated, probably even under one year since they started to serve customers. They still have their promotion programs for customers who’s willing to follow their Instagram account.

Located in a an alleyway behind a CK minimarket in Babarsari, this place serves several pork variants including steak, burger, and hotplate. I didn’t try everything, but I tried hotplate instead (my friend posted a photo when he’s having lunch/dinner there couple days before I came there, and that looked so tempting hahaha). Prices are vary for each food, burger in about IDR 17k, hotplates in IDR 25k – 40k (depends on your extra toppings), and steak in about IDR 50k.

My Pork Hotplate Rice at McB

I think, I wouldn’t be full just with steak or burger, so I ordered hotplate. Rice! 😀
And apparently extra mozzarella cheese for IDR 5k. It doesn’t take too long until my hotplate came before my eyes. Here, I got a snap picture of it


Rice Hotplate (extra Cheese!) :9

I don’t know about you, but for me, just by looking at that picture, it’s a worthy yumm yummmm :9. Couple posts ago, I wrote about another hotplate stall, but with beef, and I told you that I don’t take the proper way to eat this hotplate dish, which is by mixing them all together. So I tasted one by one to fully understand each individual side dishes for the my first bites. The cheese is awesome, still stringy, have mild and perfect flavor but I noticed one thing at that time. Looks like the chef put 2 kinds of cheese, mozz and cheddar. I might be wrong but that was what I tasted back in McB. Unfortunately, I didn’t confirm that with the chef, so.. yeah, still no clue.

Sauce and Customization at McB

That brown sauce is amazing. It tasted similar to steak sauce but it’s saltier. Maybe their special recipe, but my tongue kinda met garlic and fermented beans right there. Secret recipe, let’s keep it secret, let’s just face it that it’s delicious hahaha. Everything is in great ratio : rice, pork, egg, cheese. They also provided additional seasoning like salty sauce (taste pretty salty which has strong fermented beans taste), sweet sauce (more like sweet and a-little-bit-sour sauce, probably with vinegar), pepper, and chili powder. They make sure you can create your own style. For every meal with eggs, I always save them  for the last, and that time with the rice hotplate, I added the yolk with couple drips of salty sauce and it’s wonderful.

The pork is mesmerizing. They grilled it perfectly but it doesn’t have burnt marks. Pork was tender and a little bit chewy. Not that juicy, though, but it has unique salty taste from the coated seasoning during grilling process. Last time I ate a hotplate dish, the bottom part of the rice was overburnt, but not this time and I didn’t have a single idea why. I did the same method, not mixing everything together, put the rice a little longer for taking picture( 😀 ), and yet the rice was still perfect. Love it! :3

I dare to say that I’m definitely planning to go back there and taste another dish, probably steak (if I have enough budget haha). I wonder if the steak will be juicy, tender, and melting, but for now, rice hotplate is perfect.

Next time, I might not be talking about food, but about life instead. Something that I want to share to you all. Examining how people live their lives, and I have something in mind, so stay tuned for my next experience in life, give comments if you have any ideas or opinions, leave like if you enjoy reading my post, and….


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