Unique and Nostalgic : Barcode Knight

Discovering unique game in the market is quite difficult, especially looking for one with great quality. Some games come with pretty basic game mechanics which isn’t that amusing or interesting. Some comes with short in-game story so the players couldn’t enjoy the game for a long time even though it has great potential to be people’s choice. So, it’s not often for me to find games that fit my preference (and probably others’ as well) at all specifications.

At one point, I found this game called Barcode Knight developed by Magic Cube. FYI, at this point, I’m not really able to distinguish between indie or giant developers, but I’ll just go with it. So, at the beginning of this games review I said that I’m gonna review some indie developers’ products, but I might do giant devs as well without me knowing it :D. Back to the game, Barcode Knight is a nostalgic game from me that reminds me of some old video games I’ve ever played before.

This game is basically RPG, a quite complex mechanics. You can forge weapons or armors by combining items. Actually what you can do is upgrading it by waiting certain amount of time to finish. However, you can only combine item of the same type, so it’s kinda need quite amount of grinding or so. By upgrading you’ll gain more strength or movement speed, which I’ll tell you later about movement speed for battle.

Another great thing is the avatar system. By changing your equip, your character will also change attire, or simply changing avatar. This makes Barcode Knight to be more interesting game especially for players who love more personified customization (e.g. : having different avatar/able to change hair color/changing name/etc). I’m that kind of player. People say that most male gamers don’t really think about customization seriously but I, on the other hand, love customization. For me, that feature makes that game more immersive (as I learned in game design lesson). So it doesn’t matter whether you’re male/female, I think personal customization is quite an essential element for a game.

Next is the battle. Barcode Knight has a unique concept for the players. In order to find enemies, players need to scan bar codes. Any bar codes work, whether you take it from a bottle of shampoo, or books, or anything, it leads to a in-game battle. Each bar code will result in different combination of enemies (the types, or levels, or statistics). But, if you’re too lazy to scan some, you can use the auto find feature. The scanning system is useful when you need specific enemies to take on, usually for completing daily missions. Daily missions will tell you to hunt certain enemies and will reward you with some stuffs.

Moving to the battle mechanics, this reminds me of some old games from Gameboy Advance and PS1, names like Tales of Phantasia or Tales of Destiny. Barcode Knight‘s battle system is 2D side scrolling auto battle. It’s turn-based and each attack is timed with certain amount of time. The higher your movement speed, the shorter the delay per attack, so that’s the important of upgrading your movement speed. There’s a special move that can be unleashed but you have to wait for it to fully filled. All attacks are automatically executed but the special moves. You can also get some battle aid by recruiting an extra member at the pub.

Barcode Knight is offered in 2 versions in Google Play, free and paid one. I tried the free one and this one contains ads. The ads aren’t spamming like a machine gun barrage, though, so if you want a sneak peek, you can get this version. But if you want the one without ads, you can buy the paid version as well as support the developer. Paid version also let you accelerate battles by tapping the 2x or 3x buttons during battle. I think this would be better the developer adds some online features like online PVP or something 😀

Anyway, that’s it for now I think, fill me up at the comment section if you have any opinions or recommendations, leave like if you enjoy reading my stories, and stay tuned for my next reviews.



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