Typoglycerin : Word Game During Spare Time

Word games are always my thing since I love playing with words. Google Play really has tons of it and this is what I found lately. The game is called Typoglycerin by studiofreiluft but right now it’s still in beta development stage. That means it’s still in testing stage of development and hasn’t been officially released yet. Even so, we can still take a part in trying the one in store and it’s totally free. Playing this game is one way to kill your spare time in fun and as well as adding vocabularies, especially for non native English speaker. Like me, for example, haha.

Basic Concept of Typoglycerin

This game, Typoglicerin, is basically similar to scrabble in some ways. You collect points by arranging available letters into proper words in their dictionary. They said they have about 500k words in it so you might be able to discover some new vocabularies.


The key to get tons of points is of course by arranging long words. As long as you’re capable and know using the letter bubbles. My maximum length is only 8 letters, though, it’s so hard to find some longer words. The points per bubbles are different and is probably judged by the letter itself. For example, an X or Q have higher points than any vowels since they’re harder to use.

Now, how to arrange?

First of all, that above picture and this one might help you to understand the concept a little bit more.

typoglycerin 2

First of all, you’ll be given blank circle with only one letter at the center. Every coming letters are above the circle. All you need is dragging the center letter to the outer orbital-like circle to set it up. The next letter (leftmost of the upper queue) will appear on the circle center and that’s what you need to handle next. You need to plan a word first so that you know what to score. The next tile should be placed in between the already placed letters. You can also temporarily store a tile to be used later if you think it’s priceless.

At some points you’ll get 3 special tiles which is take-it-back tile, bomb tile, and Typoglycerin tile. The take-it-back tile is for taking one tile away from the outer circle and can be re-placed anywhere else. The bomb tile is for destructing a tile completely, very useful if you have annoying tile between a full proper word. The next one is the very special one, which is the Typoglycerin tile. It’s like the one in those picture (bottom corner, T shaped tile. That tile can transform into any general alphabet tile. So if you have 1-to-complete set of word, you can use it as a trump card.

And To Conclude..

This game may be incomplete yet but it’s sure to fun to try a bit. There’re only 2 modes for now, endless and challenges. Hopefully there will be lots of features coming up for next updates.

OK, I think that’s for now and I’m going to end my review here. Visit my blog daily for foodie and gaming updates, leave me comments below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time.

Download the game here :




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