Tiny Rails : Heartwarming Train-Geek Game

Before I start to talk about this game, let’s get to know that I’m not a train geek. I found this game by coincidence and it was so blazing interesting. It’s a cool game called Tiny Rails which is a simulation game by using theme of train transportation. The game was developed by Tiny Titan Studios and Google Play shows it as an arcade game. Here you’re taking a role of train manager which has to travel around the world (currently still in America) and do some stuffs. I’ve been playing this game for couple of months and still not planning to stop anytime soon.

Calming Background And Soothing Music

Two things I love from Tiny Rails are the background and music.

tiny rails

First let’s talk about the calming background. As you’re travelling across the nation, you’ll be presented with various views. Some are just like natural landscape like mountains, forest, fields, and such. Sometimes you’ll arrive at rural or urban area, even modern cities. Oh boy, the designs are so cool especially the nature, I just can’t love them more even it’s in pixelated style. At some points you’ll be reaching certain landmarks. Your optional job is to take some pictures of those famous landmarks to gain some in game diamonds.

tiny rails 2

tiny rails 4

As for the music, it’s not made as 8-bit or in old school style but more like rural country music. It might not be originally made by guitar but still, it’s awesome. By combining both from the graphic and song, I can watch the screen for a long time just to wait the train reach next station. The music will change every once in a while since they don’t provide lot of it. I think if the devs could provide more similarly heartwarming songs, this game would be better. Climate and weather change in this game so you won’t be bored easily when gazing right in your screen for quite a long time.

Massive Train Collections And Gameplay At Tiny Rails

tiny rails 3

I promise, a train freak would really love playing this game, lol. They have tons of train cars and locomotives for you to collect. You can do this by using the slot machine located at the bottom left corner of the screen. You can do this by using 10 diamonds for a common car draw or 50 for a rare, moreover, you still get one chance per 5 or 6 hours for free chance. Every train car have their own status and specialty which is about passengers amount, cargo amount, entertainment, resting area, and many more. You need to calculate the maximum weight or car number in total so the entire set doesn’t slow down due to overweight reason. You can upgrade the train by using money/coins which you can collect by trading daily supplies at every stations. In short..

tiny rails 6

Ok, I guess that’s for today and you might want to give it a try though. It’s a fun game after all. Leave me some words at the comment section below, follow my Instagram account @bitethefood, visit this blog daily for foodie or gaming review, and see you next time!

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