Tiny Gladiators : 2D Cute Battleground

For this game, actually my friend found it first. Taking name of Tiny GladiatorsBoomBit Games is the one responsible behind this cool game. I gotta admit this game has pretty simple gameplay but immersive nonetheless. The design is so cool and cute to be a violent game. I think that’s a cool step from the developers to present a bloodbath-based game with 180 degrees turn.

Gameplay And Character Customization In Tiny Gladiators

In Tiny Gladiators you can have various avatars possible depending on how you set the equipment. Each equipment really apply to the in-battle avatars so that’s 1 point from me. I love full and visible customization.

tiny gladiators

tiny gladiators 2

You might not want to choose equipment based only on appearance though, since everything bear specific status and power. You can adjust the equipment to match your own battle style but first of all, you can choose one class for the hero. At the very beginning you’ll choose 1 class out of spearman, assassin, swordman, and colossus.Each has special strengths and drawbacks so bear with them and learn how to optimally use it.

tiny gladiators 3

Since the gameplay is pretty simple, you only have few buttons to control your hero. Two for moving left or right, since it’s a 2D fighting game, and each for attack and jump, and two for different skills. So, based on the buttons needed, you might want to develop your slight of thumb skill. Believe me, you’re going to need it the most.

Story, Extra, and Cool Level Design

tiny gladiators 4

Unlike some other games out there, Tiny Gladiators has main story. I think so far it’s about revenge. I won’t spoil anything though, so just check the game out. Every big stages (boss) you’ll be given a fragment of the story until the end of the campign, I think. I’m still carving my way to the end and is still stuck at 60.. tiny gladiators 5

Another minor thing I need to highlight for Tiny Gladiators is the background design. I know it has nothing to do with the gameplay but I think the artists nailed it. They give us cool and various background where our hero takes place for battle zone. They might look so simple but your eyes won’t refuse to enjoy the background style during battle.

tiny gladiators 6

Another thing, if you want to get extra XP for leveling your hero up, make sure to check survival mode. Just, just make sure to not die in first or second level. If you go past above fourth level, it’s guaranteed to achieve great deal of XP. Anyway, gaining XP is pretty important in this game. Your stamina is only 50 (at least as far as I know) and each battle consumes 5 – 15. Every level up will give you fully replenished stamina.

So, are you ready to check this game?

tiny gladiators 6

Okay, I think I’m going to end my review here, as always, leave me comments at the comment section below, visit this blog daily for routine foodie and gaming updates, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!

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