Tinker Island : Amazing Survival Management Game

Few couple of months ago I found an impressive game called Tinker Island. It’s a survival management game which was developed by developer called Kongregate. I must admit this is quite an interesting game to play and explore for both casual and hardcore gamers. It’s a mobile game by taking theme of survival on a stranded tropical island. I’m still playing this game until now so I don’t know what the ending is yet. Looks like I won’t be finishing the game in the near future though since (I think) I just finished about 40% of the game right now. This is quite a complex game with retro and pixelated old school look.

Anything About Tinker Island

tinker island 1

First time you play Tinker Island, you’ll get 3 survivors stranded in a uninhabited island and your main goal is mainly to survive. You can have (later) full 4 actions : exploring area to expand map, collecting materials, creating materials, and crafting buildings or items.

  • Explore : spend some time to explore unknown areas. You might find resources, gems, or even fight enemies (animals or bosses). At some points you’ll encounter a story and you should choose an option of actions. Every characters’ status might change due to your choices.
  • Collect : assign survivor(s) to collect some resources specifically. You might run out of resources to gather so this action isn’t always available anytime but when it does, it gives great amount of resource.
  • Craft : make items or build buildings to enhance your camp or character status. You might need some specific items to build certain stuffs which can be obtained by re-exploring maps that has been fully explored.
  • Create : you create materials by assigning survivor(s). Materials are counted per hour and the amount can be increased by crafting or enhancing specific items.

Character Development In Tinker Island

         tinker island 2

Each characters in Tinker Island have 4 parameters or skills : exploring, collecting, crafting, and battling. Each character may have one aspect higher than the other 3 therefore you need to calculate properly when assigning survivors to do stuffs. You can increase those skills by crafting specific items, buildings, or giving them weapon. At some point you’ll get one-time-use character from a mini game.

You can gain survivors by following the storyline or buying some at cash store. In cash store you could spend real money, gems (which is I think is pretty expensive for a character, it costs you at least several hundred gems), or resources. A monkey survivor could be bought for 250 pieces of food, so yeah, I think that’s an easy choice to achieve. If a character is dying in battle (reach 1 HP), he/she/it will be out of action for several hours. You can accelerate the healing time by 2 hours by watching ads though.


tinker island 3

So far, I’m amazed by Tinker Island. It’s simple concept but is supported by complex game engine as well as its old school graphic is immersive. Even so, I think there’s still room for improvement like making it online so a player somehow can meet another players. The waiting time when you explore, gathering resources, or healing player could be a little too long (especially the latter). Anyhow, this game is worth a shot and give interesting user experience in gaming. Anyway, I’m gonna end this story here, pay my blog a visit for daily gaming or foodie reviews, share if you’re willing to, and see you next time.



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