Tick-Tock Boom Escape Room Game : Escape the Room – Limited Time

Since I’m an avid fan of puzzle game, I’m very happy to review one. Actually, most of the ‘escape room’ games I’ve ever played usually have similar concept and features, but this game, Escape the Room : Limited Time by Gameday Inc., is a great game among all. This game’s concept is actually pretty similar like any other escape room games, but the storyline and additional feature is pretty interesting.

As describe above in the picture, the story is thrilling and I’ll tell you why later. Escape the Room : Limited Time takes place in an unknown area while taking role of Hyunbin who was being kidnapped into this strange place. His body is injected with time bomb that will explode. Anyway, your main task is simply escaping that whatever-that-is place. By doing so and progressing throughout the game, you will find out a fact behind all of these things you’re facing.

The how-to-play is actually pretty simple, the logic isn’t, hahaha. You only need to find clue by tapping items that you think is usable or responsive to some actions. By doing so, the easiest way is by tapping literally everything in your screen, instead of specifically guessing what items are interactable (I hope this is a word, though, since the web is giving me a spell checker red underline). By doing so, you can find some useful items to move on to the next rooms. The thrilling part in Escape the Room : Limited Time is since a time bomb is installed inside Hyunbin’s body and cannot be taken off, your time in solving puzzle is time-limited. The bomb will explode if you can’t solve the puzzle in a set amount of time, so if he’s dead, it’s your fault, take it. :D.

Escape the Room : Limited Time is, in my opinion, the best puzzle game I’ve ever played. The storyline is interesting with each characters relationships, ultimate story behind all of this, and the mystery concealed in the puzzle and story. The puzzles are very challenging especially some of the last parts. You need to use quite massive amount of logic since the puzzles aren’t that easy to solve. The user interface is quite different than some other escape room games especially with tools provided for you to specifically move/examine/touch/see your inventory. It’s so well-made and detailed.

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