Tape It Up : Factory Matters Into Fun

Another arcade casual game’s coming up! Today it’s about an endless running game as well but with more cute theme. Actually it’s a pretty simple game called Tape It Up which you can always play even during short spare time. Just for fun and mind refresh. The developer is Devsisters Corp. which also developed a worldwide famous game, Cookie Run. I’ve played that before but for today I’m only reviewing Tape It Up.

Tape It Up’s Simple Concept

As any other top-down endless runnng game, all you have to do is swiping left or right. Oh, and tapping to accelerate. That’s all. The main theme is taping factory which is a conveyor belt with boxes and you’re controlling the sticky tape, or at least in the beginning.

tape it up

As you make progress in this game and collect some coins, you can purchase another ‘sticky tape’ in various form. Hell, if you don’t want to use sticky tape you can use hamster instead, or floppy disk, or chunk of cloud, lol. The developer provides tons of cute characters for you to pick. Everytime you change avatars/characters, your background or surrounding will change too, as well as the background music.

tape it up 2

In the game, you need to swipe left or right to change lanes and keep your character above the boxes. It will automatically move forward and tape the boxes up. You need to collect coins and/or the alphabets of FEVER to activate the fever mode which is fast and unstoppable rolling for a few seconds.

Cute Theme And Retro Graphics

As I’ve stated before, everytime you change the tape, the background image and music will change as well. Corresponding to the character, of course.

tape it up 4

This game is mostly designed in cute pixelated style but for some characters it could be way further of a throwback. Retro style like when you play 8 bit old school games back in Super Nintendo era. Every characters don’t bear skills or drawbacks so it’s just for fun and personal preference, though.

tape it up 5

At some points in the game you’ll enter what it seems like glitch but it isn’t. It’s just a hard mode with different style and difficulty. It has dark theme with slight horror theme but has more points if you can survive inside. There’s a blue portal to go back to the original mode after a while. BTW, everyday there’ll be a free bonus coin to claim so you can use that to buy new character (1k each).

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