Tahu Tek (2) : This Time In Yogyakarta

Looks like I’ve talked about tahu tek from Malang before (oh right, here) but today it’s from Yogyakarta. I’ve at least known 3 different places serving this food but so far I consider this one the best. They didn’t have fancy restaurants for the customers to dine in, instead they’re in sidewalk or storefront. The one I want to talk about here is in Seturan which was right at the storefront of a cafe. They said you can take it to eat at the cafe but my friends and I just sat at the open space area. Oh right, my friend told me about this place so big thanks to him!

What ‘Local’ Tahu Tek Looked Like

Before I start talking about this, just to fill you in, this place only serve 1 menu, tahu tek, therefore it’s the only thing I’m going to review. You can choose the order to come with or without egg with only IDR 2k difference. With egg for IDR 12k and without egg for IDR 10k.

tahu tek

It’s safe to say that this one is the best so far. It has way more everything in a portion, more petis (check here to find out what petis is), more rice cake, and stuffs. My friends said the petis wasn’t that strong but I think it’s good enough. It had stronger petis taste compared to the other two others tahu tek hawker stall I’ve tried.

Speaking About The Taste..

Another fact is, the other two hawkers mix the tofu and egg altogether (just like what I had in Surabaya) but this one is different. They separate all stuffs as they are but also sliced them to pieces like any other tahu tek. Speaking about the peanut sauce, it’s not as sweet as the other two but, as I’ve mentioned before, has way stronger petis flavor in it. This dish may look so simple but this kind of flavor is all Indonesian. So far this was the closest one to what I had in Surabaya, where the dish originally came from. The beansprouts, though, gave extra crunchy texture to the dish.

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The place is right at the Warkop Bardiman cafe’s storefront, so I leave a trail of that cafe instead since I can’t find the hawker. 😀



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