Eggballs : New Snack Discovered!

Few months ago I tried to do some morning jogging during weekend and I found something interesting because of it. On Sunday at southern city square where I do jogging, there’re bunch of snack hawkers. One of the hawkers has bola-bola Read Complete Story..

Bowling Fruit Bar : Great Aid For Hot Days

Having spare idea of destination like Bowling Fruit Bar (actually written ‘Bowl-Ling’ but I’m gonna shorten it) is a great thing especially during hot days. In Indonesia (in Yogyakarta, for example) during dry season, things can get pretty hot, literally. You can Read Complete Story..

Guriru Udon : First Time Trying Udon Here

So there is a new restaurant in town called Guriru Udon and it’s on Jl. Kaliurang Km.6. It’s a little bit north from Jl. Kaliurang’s ring road intersection and on the right. Back when its 2-days-grand-opening, I had chance to enjoy Read Complete Story..

Brongkos (Warung Ijo Mbak Prih) : Escalated Old School Food

My appetite to Indonesian traditional food would never cease to exist more over if someone offered me full-of-spice meal. Take brongkos for example. As far as I know, this cuisine isn’t originally from Yogyakarta but from West Java instead. To be honest Read Complete Story..