Tiny Rails : Heartwarming Train-Geek Game

Before I start to talk about this game, let’s get to know that I’m not a train geek. I found this game by coincidence and it was so blazing interesting. It’s a cool game called Tiny Rails which is a simulation Read Complete Story..

Cobe The Gallery : Brain Twisting Puzzle Game

Have you ever played a game so annoying and frustrating yet you can’t just stop easily? I found the one like that though even it’s mere coincidence. The game is called Cobe The Gallery and Simbite is the developer behind this project. I Read Complete Story..

Heartwarming Oden Shop Game : Oden Cart A Heartwarming Tale

Casual games are really good for any people with a little spare time or even hardcore gamers. Not long after I discovered Showa Candy Shop, another game with similar style popped up in my Google Play search results. The mechanism was Read Complete Story..