Simply Cooked Genuine-Style Pasta : Koki Joni

I’ve been craving for pasta for quite a long time. In Yogyakarta, not many options for pasta houses are available. I mean the genuine style-ish pasta though I’ve never tried what an Italian pasta tastes like. Just by imagining a Read Complete Story..

From Sidewalk to Hawker Center : “Warung Santai” Seafood

My love for seafood will never die, I think. Being on the top of my preferred protein along with pork, I can’t refuse when it comes to great seafood to taste. However, seafood in Yogyakarta (or probably in some cities Read Complete Story..

Pothz Burger : Even Another Hotplate Rice

*WARNING : PORK DETECTED!* My God, lately, I’ve tried a lot hotplate rice in Yogyakarta, including this one. But, no regret, everything just taste amazing, IMO. Now, there’s this one called¬†Pothz Burger. I wasn’t really aware of this place before Read Complete Story..

Across-Island Dishes : Lokon

*WARNING : PORK DETECTED* Several years ago, my friend took me to a home-made-food restaurant serves some dishes originally from outside of the island where I live. Manado, to be exact. It’s in North Sulawesi, which is the island north Read Complete Story..

It’s Rude, It’s Offensive, yet Delicious : Soto DJANCUK

Saya nggak akan tau ada tempat macam ini kalau nggak diajak bapak saya.. hahaha Jadi, di suatu sudut Kota Jogja, ada sebuah tempat makan unik nan eksentrik yang menyuguhkan satu menu makanan asli Indonesia sebagai spesialisasinya. Tempatnya mudah sekali untuk Read Complete Story..