Across-Island Dishes : Lokon

*WARNING : PORK DETECTED* Several years ago, my friend took me to a home-made-food restaurant serves some dishes originally from outside of the island where I live. Manado, to be exact. It’s in North Sulawesi, which is the island north Read Complete Story..

Local Malaysian Cuisine : Kedai Malaysia (2)

Just last night, I came back to this Malaysian restaurant I wrote about in my last blog entry. I’m loving all thing about spice so I can wholeheartedly come to any place serving spicy (not hot, but spicy) food at Read Complete Story..

Roof? Steak? Food.. : Atap Grill

*WARNING : PORK DETECTED* Ah… Akhirnya setelah +- 8 bulan nggak nulis, blog ini saya angkat lagi ke permukaan. Nggak punya duit, susah mau kulineran yang aneh2, makan sehari-hari aja masih mikir-mikir. Hahahahaha. Anyway, masih di Jogja, ada salah 1 Read Complete Story..