Sky Dancer : Run And Fall Down

To be honest, lately I’m more intrigued by some minimalist and simple games. Compared to the ones with high quality graphics and game mechanics. These games remind me of what I used to play during Nintendo era when I was a kid, I think that’s why. A little bit of nostalgia strikes my head. Lately I found this game called Sky Dancer by Pine Entertainment. It’s an endless running (and falling down, apparently) game but is grabbing my attention more than usual.

I Think I Know Why I Love Sky Dancer..

First of all, I don’t know the story behind Sky Dancer but I think it’s merely an endless running game. It has some characters (as well as iconic ones) and you can unlock all for free. Of course if you’re doing it for free it’s going to take time. 😀

sky dancer

Another reason is the scenery and environment. Oh boy, how can that not intrigue me.. I always appreciate in-game beautiful sceneries and to make stunning views must be hard.

sky dancer 2

They’re minimalist and simply designed but create beautiful nuance in Sky Dancer, They’re mostly like the ambience earth has but with more exotic and surreal polish. The overall nuance feels like desert with floating lands that your character will runs on.

Sky Dancer’s Unique Game Mechanics

sky dancer 3

If in most of platformer games your destination is up high, Sky Dancer vote for different concept. In this game you’ll run and fall/dive down into an endless platforms. God knows how many platforms there to reach the ‘final ground’, if any. Everytime your character jumps down, make sure to foresee the target platform since it’s pretty narrow and the airborne controlling is pretty sensitive.

sky dancer 4

Every characters have their own skills and you need to finish a mission to unlock each. It’s not that hard however you’re gonna need time to fulfill each mission, aside from the main missions to increase score multiplier. My first impression was ‘Wow, this is so cool’ and that’s when I drop down for the first time. It felt like falling down almost like when having ‘that’ falling-down dream.

Since it’s an endless running game, I don’t know what else to experience other than collecting points, coins, and avatars. I think I can stick to this game until I collect all the characters though.

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