Simply Cooked Genuine-Style Pasta : Koki Joni

I’ve been craving for pasta for quite a long time. In Yogyakarta, not many options for pasta houses are available. I mean the genuine style-ish pasta though I’ve never tried what an Italian pasta tastes like. Just by imagining a pasta with tons of cheese makes my mouth watering. My friends said there’s a great pasta house next to Munggur gas station but upon visiting, it’s off business already. Banners were off, place was dark, no one is present. So we’re moving to our impromptu next destination. This place is called Koki Joni and has been famous for serving pasta and turkey for quite a long time. It’s located at the first alley of Jalan C. Simanjuntak Yogyakarta (one way road).

Koki Joni was packed with hanging out teenagers and families that day. I doubted my friends and I can get unoccupied seats there but luckily there’s one set. Speaking about the restaurant, Koki Joni‘s restaurant concept is made way far from Italian/any Western style despite it’s serving western food. It’s mainly constructed from wood like a cabin and styled in open space concept. Being so, there’s no separator between smoking and no-smoking area but hopefully the smoke can go easily. Actually the restaurant was not a large scale one but the interior design made it to contain a lot of customers. Lighting is dimmed with orange bulbs which psychologically said to boost people’s appetite. Cool move!

Angry Tuna

Beef Stroganoff (mine)

Barbeque Turkey

Regardless of being crowded and packed, our ordered food came way faster than I expected. I think that’s because Koki Joni had a lot of staffs, waiters, and chefs to handle the customer flow. Anyway those were what we ordered that day. OK, let’s start about the foodie part. I tasted what my friends order as well and basically all of the pasta were perfectly cooked in term of softness. It’s not hard but not too soft either.

Beef Stroganoff at Koki Joni

Mine was Beef Stroganoff, upon searching in Google, I knew that it was originally Russian recipe. I’ve never tried the real Russian style but I’ll describe this one the best I can. Description in menu said it’s served with creamy sauce but I think it’s more like meat sauce than cream. Sauce was thick and totally savory. It was rich in flavor, more meaty with slight creamy taste to accompany the pasta. You also got slices of beef sausage (light and not densely made) and thin slices of beef as well. To top the pasta, permesan cheese was grated as the topping.

Koki Joni’s Tuna and Turkey

As for the Angry Tuna, the spices was great as well but not as strong as mine. It has no sauce at all but cooked altogether with diced tuna meat so you can taste fishy flavor. It’s a little bit spicy and served with few slices of chilies and grated parmesan cheese on top. If you’re more into light flavored pasta, this could be a great deal.

For the Barbeque Turkey.. I don’t know but the taste was sweet and sour regardless of the name ‘barbeque’, probably the turkey is BBQed. I had strong accent of paprica/bell pepper. Really strong and I liked it. It was the most spicy pasta among 3 of them. I didn’t expect it to be that spicy but I thought I need to read the description at the menu. Since I’m not really a fan of sweet / sour / both food, this is my least favorite compared to the other two. Don’t get me wrong, pasta was great but it’s just a matter of personal preference.

*For the pasta, you can choose between spaghetti, fettucine, or penne*

I actually love pasta but the some restaurants sell authentic and genuine style pasta in quite expensive price but I hope in the future it’s no longer a problem and I can taste a bunch of pasta, any kind. Anyway, I’m gonna end the story here, map is shown below, pour me some words if you have any ideas or opinions, and see you next time.



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