Simple but Fascinating : Soto Kudus Gadjah Mada

Well, before I start to write about the food, I’d like to say sorry for quite a long time between each posts since I don’t really go out much lately and I’m kinda busy with some stuffs, but as long as I have something to pour to my blog and time between my activities, I’ll do blog. (This also goes the same for me at making artworks.)

This time, the dish I want to talk about is a true Indonesian dish called Soto, specifically ‘Soto Kudus’ with Kudus is a city in Central Java where the dish originally comes from. This soto kudus isn’t located in Kudus, but in Jogja, and I’m also thinking if the taste is similar since I’ve never tried the original soto kudus.

The restaurant is called Soto Gadjah Mada located in Jl. Kabupaten, Yogyakarta, not exactly remember the number, though. It’s a simple and clean restaurant surrounded by fresh scent of rice paddy fields. From inside, you can gaze through the window for a fascinating greenies scenery.

The only entrée in this restaurant is soto kudus which comes in 2 bowl sizes, regular (IDR 7k) or jumbo (IDR 10k). Here’s what it looks like :


Soto Kudus (jumbo)

Mostly, as far as I know and find, soto has quite clear broth/soup. In this case, the broth wasn’t clear at all. This might be caused of various spices which were mixed together. Indeed, the broth was very spice-y. It gave slight taste of sweet, a little bit of savory and salty with a very gentle touch of sourness. I predicted that the spices are like turmeric, coriander, and a little sparkle of pepper. The combination was perfect for my personal preference. One jumbo bowl is enough for an average eater without making our stomach overly full.

Along with the main course, the waiters/waitress will give you various side dish like skewered-clam (sweet and chewy but this is my favorite), skewered-quail eggs (quite sweet for the outer part since they’re marinated with mixture of soy-sauce-based-broth before), tahu bacem (a real Indonesian side dish, which is grilled tofu marinated in soy sauce spices), skewered intestines and some more. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of them. 🙁

Since this place is about soto kudus only, I can recommend this place to any of you who wants to get a try out. It isn’t expensive, delicious, and has clean and fresh environment.

I know I didn’t put a lot of words this time, but give comments if you have any ideas or opinions, give like if you enjoy reading this post, and stay tuned for my next foodie reviews.


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