Shihlin : Taiwanese Chicken Street Snack

Back at that day, the one I was hanging out with friends at last week’s Couvee, my friends ask whether or not we’re moving to another place. I said I didn’t have enough money to get anymore snack but it’s OK to have nothing and talk though. Turned out one of my friend had a discount coupon for Shihlin and they’re going to use it. Again, turned out that they let me try the snack, so thank you, my friends, for the treat. Shoutout to my generous friends! :thumbsup:

What Is Shihlin Actually?

Yeah, I’ve heard the name so many times but that was my first time visiting the outlet and try some. I heard that the price is a little bit over my budget thus so far I’ve never tried it. Shihlin is a Taiwanese street snack and the outlet has reached Indonesia already. I heard that it’s a popular street snack in Taiwan. Upon finding out, no wonder that it becomes people’s favorite.


This snack came in a paper bag per portion.

shihlin 3


shihlin 4

My friend’s discount coupon was IDR 55k for 2 XL portions of Shihlin (BBQ only). I don’t really know how much a XL portion usually costs but my best guess is around IDR 40k. Give me info if you know something, though. Anyway, they ordered the BBQ and seaweed one with a little bit of extra charge for the latter.

I took a glance of the making process and apparently they’re frying the big chunks of chicken fillet after coating it with flour. Upon finished frying, they cut it into smaller pieces but not exactly bite size. After tasting, I think, this is undoubtedly people’s favorite. I mean, I only tasted it a few pieces and imagining a whole XL pack might be more than enough for a snack. The batter was crispy and crunchy, really not that hard to bite and chew. Just at the right state of crispiness. It was pretty bland but I guess they really wanted to push the seasoning, thus making the batter at the savory side. The meat was thick with great ratio between the meat and batter itself. I don’t know how they made the batter mixture but that texture is cool to stare. Like micro bubbles ready to pop. 😀

A Little Something From Shihlin

If you buy a pack of this snack, at the back side of the paper bag, you’ll find this little story. It’s a back story about Shihlin itself.

shihlin 2

For me, this snack has been a great treat. I would love to come back and try even some more. Crunchy snack is one of the type I love about snacks and this one is definitely a score.

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In Yogyakarta, Shihlin‘s outlets are all located in malls up to this second and the one I tried was in Jogja City Mall. There’re also outlets available in Plaza Ambarukmo and Hartono Mall.



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