Saturday Night with All You Can Eat

For today, I’m not going to talk about a place specifically, well I will but not the highlight :D, but the experience instead. So, back on that day, I found a great deal for an all you can eat service. The place was really close to my home and the price isn’t that sky high either. Venue was called Neo+ Awana Hotel and I got the service for IDR 45k only. Well, I don’t usually do all you can eat service but that day was just the perfect timing. It’s saturday night and I was free, so be it then, lol. More over, my real intention is to measure how much I can survive in an all you can eat buffet.

Complete Buffet!

The service is at 6PM to 9PM, and I came exactly at 6. Still no people there, and I think I was the first one there, so I had first access to the cuisines.

First rule of mine! During a buffet, no rice, since it made me full pretty damn quickly.

Therefore I substituted rice with potatoes, and not in big amount. The potatoes was pretty bland, I could use some pepper or salt right there, but at least they’re not overcooked. Just at the right state. The corn was dipped in skimmed milk so that give boost to the sweetness, tasted good, though. The top right was fish, curry-dipped fried fish to be specific. That tasted pretty light but delicious. Not as strong as I imagined and the soaked batter give different nuance on it.

Next were the side dishes. Well, I didn’t go munching in order like it was supposed to be :D. Both dishes were delicious and fresh, and oh, thumbs up on that papaya. They’re sweet and like melt in your mouth just by pressing it with your tongue. My favorite ripeness texture of a papaya. Fruits and veggies kind of cleaning my palate and like refreshing my tummy for another round of  entrée.

Well, I did get myself another plate of main course after those side dishes..

NOWWWW, after that 2nd main course, I walked outdoor just to find barbecue station, which was serving seafood and chicken. I came for my first round while there were few people in queue and that was pretty fast to get the food.

So they had few types of raw fishes (sardines, mackerel, and patin), chicken skewers, veggies skewers (carrots, eggplants), and chicken skewers. I kind of wanted to try like all of them but I don’t know if I could, so for first round, I only took a few. Somehow the chef managed to overcooked the chicken therefore, it’s pretty charred and hard to bite. Meanwhile, the veggies were undercooked, ‘-.-   Still a little bit raw. Some people find it no problem, but not me, though, lol. I prefered cooked veggies. BUT, the sausages were perfect as hell. Crispy on the outside, and very tender on the inside. They had creamy flavor on it and upon asking, I learnt that was chicken sausages. Incredible on that one!

Then, I add another plate of barbecue items and now 90% on sausages.. :p

And for my finishing move, a little bit of desserts.

Some kind of waffle with powdered sugar and that kind of sweet cake I’m not aware of the name. Both were not my thing at all, they’re dry and way too sweet. Immediately need some drinks afterwards. More over, I don’t like sweets :D.

DONE! My that was my last plate, and I scored a lot of calories (along with fat and cholesterol) in 2 hours 14 minutes mark. You know, I’m not a vast eater, only able to adapt for larger amount of my regular meal.

Well, I guess that’s for now, don’t forget to check out my blog for foodie references, leave me some comments down below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!




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