Sate Padang House : Pleasing at First Bite

I don’t usually eat spicy food but this one is something I can’t reject. My friend has recommended me this place for quite some times ago but since I know sate Padang is a spicy food, I kind of hesitate to try. But I tried it anyway and that really broadened my horizon. There’s this place he told me, Sate Padang House (if you look at GMap). If you visit the place the banner only tells ‘sate Padang asli’ (original satay Padang). FYI, Padang is one of the cities in Indonesia that has remarkable signatures on culinary and it’s known worldwide. I’ve never tasted authentic Padang cuisine, but the ones in my town really represent greatly.

Sate Padang House is The Best So Far I Could Find

I believe in Padang, this dish has even more escalated level of spiciness, thus I might not be able to handle. Here, I can still handle it, though :D. Here in Sate Padang House, they serve two kinds of cuisines, satay Padang and some kind of opor but I always come here for the satay (sate). A portion of satay Padang is about IDR 15k which is still reasonable for me.

sate padang house


sate padang house 2

Well actually that’s the exact same portion I had, only lighting differences that made them look like that. For a portion of it, you’ll get 7 skewers of sate Padang, which is made with beef bits, a pretty gigantic rice cake, and some spicy cassava chips. Dam*, that combination was utterly awesome. The beef was chewy but also tender at the same time. Rice cake was very tummy-filling though (from 25% – 85% tummy capacity, lol).

Talking about the sauce now. Usually satay is served with sweet peanut sauce BUT not this satay Padang. It’s mostly savory and salty, and I friggin’ really loved it! If somehow they had not-spicy-at-all sauce, I was gonna have a load of it. Unfortunately they only had 1 kind. It’s so rich of spices and ingredients, just like homey Asian taste. Also they gave bunch of it, thus enhancing the overall flavors. :2thumbsup:

And To Conclude

I think I’ve just updated my list of favorite cuisines with satay Padang. I basically love strong-tasted dishes instead of the bland and light ones, but that kinds usually use tons of spicy ingredients. So.. yeah, I pretty much don’t have a lot of choice, lol. Great points for Sate Padang House is the amount of the sauce and the flavors itself. So addicting!

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