Sari Kacang Ijo : Delicious Healthy Drink

Well, well, last Friday’s snack post wasn’t there so in exchange I’ll do it now. It’s a hot day today in Yogyakarta and one thing that can swoosh it away is cold beverages. Among tons of unique Indonesian specialty beverages, one thing I love is sari kacang ijo. I used to hate this one when I was a kid but as I grow up, I kinda like it way more. I thought it has strange taste in my throat as well as aftertaste on my tongue. But, what is it, really? Let’s check it out more.

Sari Kacang Ijo Is..

Kacang ijo actually is mung bean(s) and sari kacang ijo means mung beans extract (more or less). I don’t really understand how people make this extract though. Actually I believe they make it by boiling the mung beans and get the water out. It’s sweet and some people have different procedures in making this extract. Some are just taking the water but some also put the mung beans in but in almost-powder form. Since after boiling, the beans becomes softer, they could be mashed really easily. This crushed beans give unique texture in your mouth.

sari kacang ijo

The sweetness of sari kacang ijo can be differs for each makers. There’s one grocery store that makes this and I really love it,  so far that’s the best for me (picture above). I normally don’t like sweet food & beverages very much but that one is sure pretty sweet. The color might not look so promising but believe me, it’s one hell of a drink.

That’s One Healthy Drink

Since it’s made mainly from beans, I can consider it as a healthy drink, right? 😀 However little kids might not like it since it DOES have uncommon texture and taste. A little bit like herb extract but I think it’s more delicious though. Serve it cold and it can be a great thing to have during hot days. Or make it as a hot beverage during cold days. Everyone can enjoy.

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