Rope Racers : Swing, Run, And Win

This is my first time playing a game this kind. I’ve seen some Youtubers playing PC/console version of similar game but looks like I couldn’t afford it right now, so I try the free mobile one. The name is Rope Racers and if you read it, you might have something in mind about what the game is gonna be. Small Giant Games is the one developing this game. Without further ado, let’s swing into the game right now!

Rope Racers IS An Online Racing Game

Though Rope Racers has no real time matchmaking, it’s still an online game. That means you’re battling real people (‘s characters) just not at the same time.

rope racers

You’ll be racing through the obstacles with 11 other players so that makes it 12 people. You can only run and swing in Rope Racers thus to gain momentum, you need to swing around. You can attach your rope by tap-holding the screen. The angle for the rope is fixed (I think) about 45 degrees so you need to calculate your steps properly. Let go at proper time to gain maximum forward momentum, it really helps a lot.

rope racers 2

In a course you might face different obstacles like lava pit, bounce balls, speed warp, or unfortunately-paced ground. First time in a course was always a surprise and the super annoying was the bounce balls. If you’re trapped in those, guaranteed everyone will run through you and last position was just in a blink. Jumping can be done by pulling yourself to swing forward. Sometimes there’re tons of tricky obstacles that should be faced efficiently or you’ll be stuck there for a long time.

Available Characters And Upgrades

Here in Rope Racers there’re tons of characters available to pick but not freely. You need to do gachas to get one and will be totally random. You can also get what you already had. Collecting what you already had for several pieces leads you to upgrading it with in-game money.

rope racers 3

The characters were literally random and almost anything possible. Each came with different weight, running, and swinging abilities but for starter, you really start low. I personally prefer something with dope swinging ability since it really help to gain victory. You’ll be mostly airborne during race.

Personal opinion, I actually really like this game but it would be better if the devs can afford real time battle. Real time matchmaking with balance opponents if possible. That could make the game more interesting since you’re battling another live players and not AI. I’m waiting if that thing could come true.

rope racers 4

There, you have Mari*,and Subzer* look-alike, and some other more, just check their galleries.

rope racers 5

So, are you up for some swingin’ and jumpin’ and winnin’? 🙂

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