Retro Soccer – Practicing Sleight of Fingers

Some sports game are really immersive to play especially the ones with great controls. I found this game about few months ago, the name is Retro Soccer by Mobile Gaming Studies Ltd.. It’s a very simple soccer game which has really  minimalist graphics and gameplay. As the title say, it really resembles old school soccer games like in the era of Nintendo. However, since it’s available for modern day mobile, it’s a bit different and ‘advanced’. Let’s check it out already.

Semi Retro – Retro Soccer

retro soccer

Why I said it’s semi retro? Because Retro Soccer has way more innovative gameplay compared to old school ones. All you need to do is flick around and tap around the soccer field. The tapping is for passing the ball to exact player, while flicking is for far passing or shooting. It’s also a little bit out of the box since you can tackle opponents with high-speed offensive tackle like you’re equipping turbo or some sort.

retro soccer

retro soccer 3

The picture above is true, though. Retro Soccer is a fast-paced game since for 90′ soccer time is converted into 2 or 3 minutes only. Meanwhile, during that short time, you need to accomplish some goals (no pun intended) which are different for each levels. Sometimes you’re 3 points behind, or starting at injury time, or must score goals with same player (while all players look really similar). The game has an angle of almost top-down and that really helps to maximize the gameplay. Flicking around is fun! 😀

Players Customization and Development

I think the only team formation available here is 3-4-3 which is fine by me. For all of the members there, you can fill it by yourself for whoever players you like. To get new players in Retro Soccer, you need to buy with real cash or through free gacha which is availabler once per few hours (3 hours if I recall correctly).

retro soccer 4

Each player has his own grade, from common to legendary, I guess. I haven’t got the legendary like ever. It’s so hard to get by free gacha. The greater his grade, the better his status and performance are.

retro soccer 5

Well, actually this players mainly increase your squad power. This squad power is like a requirement to enter or play in a match. If you have it below the supposed number, you can’t go to that match.

So far I’m really intrigued by the gameplay. As I stated before, it’s fast-paced and you have to fulfill the 3 stars missions to advance to the next levels. It gives some kind of fun thrill and tense even though it’s just a simple soccer game.

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Download the game here :



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