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Ok, today I’m kinda busy with cleaning house, so I think I’m gonna make this quicker to pull of. Anyway, thank you for reading and giving life to this blog so at least, I’m gonna keep writing.

Few weeks ago my friend told me that he was downloading an offline game that might be interesting. The game logo was pretty cute that I wanted to try as well. This game ranked high in Google Play, at 4.6 with mostly positive reviews from the players. It’s called HuntCook, which was developed by Select Button Inc.. The game is free to download but contains in-game purchases even it’s not mandatory. It’s usually for players who’s willing to spend more money to excel quicker than normal.

Inside HuntCook

I’m not gonna lie, the graphic style is so damn cute. Even a boar looks so adorable :D. They use cute chibi style for this game. Hunt Cook is basically a spare-time game since you need to wait the progress to finish to complete more objectives. You’ll fill the shoe of an apprentice working for a dog boss (yeah, you don’t read that wrong, your boss is a dog) to manage a restaurant. You’ll get customers and cook what they order. These orders are for you to level up and unlock more features as well as more animals to hunt.

Hunting, your raw ingredients can mainly be found by hunting since you’re cooking meat for customers. During hunting, you’ll take part of a mini game to catch your preys. You can catch each preys with specific weapon and you need to buy them at the shop. Sometimes in HuntCook, when you go hunting, you’ll find an old man giving free stuffs or a spy-like man giving rare recipe which can be used to cook special dishes, but the later is really a matter of luck. As you progress throughout the game, your boss will be able to quick-gather kitchen supplies which is really helpful. You’ll gain a feature of trapping animals for raw meat as well.

As I said before, HuntCook is an idle game, which means you’ll spare more time off-game than on-game. Some food really takes time to finish which is better to leave and come back few moments later. Probably at the beginning, you can stay in game for a while. You can also add some friends, real friends, to aid you by giving free ingredients. You give them, they give you as well. Last but not least, this game might be a perfect choice for casual gamer which don’t really have much spare time.

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