Puncak Becici – Taking A Stroll For A Roll

This post is going to be an occasional one about life. I usually post foodie review on Wednesday but today I’ll replace it with a short retreat. Lot of things happened lately and it would be wise if I just took a time off of my computer. So, last Saturday I went to a place called Puncak Becici (Becici Peak) which is relatively close from where I live. It’s in Bantul, Yogyakarta, and only 50 minutes away. I don’t really know what to expect there since my mother only told me that her friend was taking a trip there recently. So, I took my motorbike out and blasted off.

Great Atmosphere At Puncak Becici

Apparently, it’s like a vacation point which has lots of great-pictures spots. I didn’t expect Puncak Becici to be a mountain/summit, but it’s a highland apparently. The air was really damn good and fresh, and it’s not that hot or humid there. The place itself wasn’t that broad compared to some others similar tourist destinations but it’s somewhat relaxing nonetheless. That day wasn’t a long weekend so I didn’t expect a lot of visitors there either but it was pretty intense to wait to get great spots for pictures.

Pine Forest And Wide-Open Layer

There were two layers of point of interests in Puncak Becici. First is the pine forest which was in the bottom layer and the next being the wide-open peak.

puncak becici 1

This pine forest area is pretty wide though, especially with all those trees, everything looks so soothing. There’s a path leading you to the peak (of course with a little hiking, don’t worry, not that steep and tiring). Along the way you can find tons of small pines on the ground. It’s a perfect place to sit down on the ground, have a chat, and open lunch. Just, just, just beware of the birds, though, seriously, they’re almost everywhere.

puncak becici 3

The forest was pretty dense. If you look up, the sky will be mostly covered by the pine trees. These trees blocked most of the sun rays while you’re walking underneath.

After hiking for a while, you will find the next point of interest which is obviously the peak itself. You will find some great spots in this top area which you must be stay in queue to get your turn. puncak becici 4

puncak becici 2

In this point, if you go to the edge, you can throw your glare to enjoy the magnificent piece of mother nature. That picture is at the direction of Yogyakarta, the main city (I might be able to find my house though, rofl). Seriously, joking aside, that was a relaxing view of mesmerizing landscape. I spent a lot of time just gazing the scenery and listening to my playlist. There was this tower-high free wooden platform that you could use to get great pictures with about 4 or 5 meters wooden ladder to reach up there. Also I tried the cliff-edge wooden platform which was the closest spot to the cliff below.

You know, in the city, there was almost non of beautiful views left. That’s why I retreated to (probably) the closest point of tourists spot possible which wasn’t disappointing at all. Soon when more people find out about this place, it will get crowded quickly.

puncak becici 5

Too bad I couldn’t stay too long here, other people queued behind me.

So, if you happen to be in Yogyakarta or around, try this place for a silent retreat while people haven’t found about it, yet. OK, I’ll end my post here, leave me comments at the comment section below, follow my IG @bitethefood, visit the blog daily for foodie or gaming update, and see you next time!



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