Power Rangers Legacy Wars : Childhood Memories Advanced

I’m a 90’s guy and have been growing up with Mighty Power Rangers. Even until now I still love tokusatsu (in Japanese) movies or series like Kamen Rider or Power Rangers. This year, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been reproduced as a single movie. Following the euphoria, nWay Inc. developed a game called Power Rangers Legacy Wars and brought my childhood heroes to a higher level. No doubt, this game receives pretty high rate in Google Play.

Awesomeness At Your Grasp

power rangers legacy wars

Power Ranger Legacy Wars took a universe where several kinds of rangers are available. Take one from the old Mighty Morphin to the reboot version of Mighty Morphin are available. This game is still in development progress I think so a lot of characters may come in the future. Not only the heroes, you can use the villains as your main character too! Luckily this game came in my favorite genre, fighting game with awesome gameplay, graphics, and mechanics. It’s a simpe 2D fighting game with limited battle arena but it’s somewhat immersive.

power rangers legacy wars

Let’s talk about the character design first. In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, the developers really pay lots of attentions to details, specially characters (and environment). It’s fully 3D rendered with pretty awesome costumes details. The developer made new characters from the movie to be really similar and the original rangers looks like they’re jacked up to the maximum. Looks like they’re hitting the gym since they’re quite far from what I remember back when I was young. The environments were 3D rendered as well but they’re not that big. I must say the environment designers did pretty impressive job by giving some iconic areas.

Battle Concept

power rangers legacy wars 3

By playing Power Rangers Legacy Wars, you will get to know the battle concept. Basically you have a team of 3 characters with 1 leader and 2 assists. The strange part is you can use the same character for your leader and 1 assist so it’s like dealing enemies with 2 clones, lol. That, however, doesn’t affect anything or my opinion in my game, in fact it’s pretty cool to be able to create such combination.

power rangers legacy wars 4

As I stated before, the battle is 2D beat em up PVP game and by I mean PVP is real time PVP (as the description said). That means you’re battling another player at the same at the same moment. In battle you ought to use action cards provided. Each characters bear different cards as it’s suited for their unique specialties. There’s a stamina bar that’s automatically filling up from 0 to 10 and this is used to unleash the cards. When you’re out of stamina, you can’t do anything but guarding (if you have any guard cards). Assists are called using the cards as well.

Unique Action Cards In Power Rangers Legacy Wars

There are 3 types of action cards : strike, breaker, and defense. It’s like rock paper scissors by using the rule strike -> breaker -> defense -> strike. In short if you’re guarding, enemies’ strike attack will instantly stop and give you chance to counter attack but breaker attack will still do some damages. Strike attacks are faster and deal less damage than breaker attacks which take more time to execute hence you can stop breaker attacks by doing strike attack. It’s all about strategy, stacking attack cards (you can execute up to 2 cards as a chain), and timing. If you fall into your foes’ tempo, then you’re screwed for sure. Make sure to properly adjust your assists, timing, and strategy.

Characters Customization

power rangers legacy wars 5

As for the character customization, you can do this by gaining shards for each characters. Shards can be collected by opening morph boxes which you can get if you win battles or waiting for some time for the daily boxes. Each upgrades willl grant your characters more HP and damage for each attacks. I recommend this game for any of you gamers out there since it could be very immersive especially for hardcore gamers.


So far, I’m impressed by playing this game. Everything is just amazing, characters developments, designs, environment, gameplay, concept, and many other things. I believe the developer still have lots of stuffs in mind so I will wait until it has full features. Have fun trying and playing!

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