Pondok Patin Bakar : First Time Eating Patin

About last week I found a place with great stuffs to try. The place’s name is Pondok Patin Bakar and the location is at Jl. Damai, Yogyakarta. FYI, Jl. Damai is a place with lots of culinary references to try on therefore I believe it’s quite famous among people. I don’t know about this place I’m going to talk about though so I think I can spread some words about that. My parents and I went together since I think I can’t afford that meal all by myself, lol. I will provide a map about at the end of this post so just stay tune then. 😀

Main Specialty At Pondok Patin Bakar

pondok patin bakar

I believe this restaurant adapts cooking style of Banjarmasin since I think I read that somewhere. So yeah, Pondok Patin Bakar only serves seafood which the specialty is patin (which in English I think is called Pangasius). I will stick to patin though since I’m more familiar with that term.

First, let’s talk about the main specialty, the patin.

They didn’t serve a whole fish but only a big slice of the belly (with bones), here’s the IDR 35k patin we had that day.

pondok patin bakar 5

First note : every seafood here comes up with sambal, a very spicy one. The sambal was salty since it’s mainly composed of tomatoes and garlic but incredibly spicy. I must say I’m amazed with the  patin and that one was grilled. My best guess is they grilled the patin with honey as well, not only sweet soy sauce. The taste was delightful and they even let the skin intact. OMG, the skin was so incredible along with some fat but make sure to take the excessive fat off of the skin. It’s so crunchy and soft at the same time. The meat, though, has perfect texture for a fish. It’s soft and tender, not really ‘melting’ in your mouth but it’s amazingly soft. It was a little bit crumbly but that was not a big deal. I really enjoy the dish.

Another Dishes On Our Table

pondok patin bakar 2

That was what my mom ordered, shrimp satay for IDR 27k. By God, I also love this dish! FYI, they didn’t take the skin off of these shrimps but that even made them more tasty anyway. Just be careful if you can’t eat the skin. I believe the satay use the same grilling paste as the patin which is soy sauce and lots of honey. That ingredients made it more tasteful in my tongue. As you can see there, you got 3 skewers of satay with 3 medium size shrimps per skewer.

Another dish was my grilled haruan. I’m very sorry since I can’t provide any pictures of it since it came a little bit later and I was in the middle of munching delicious food. I didn’t bother to stop and took any pictures of it. Anyway this grilled haruan came in a whole fish fully grilled with, I assume, the same ingredients. The difference was this fish has way more smaller bones between the meat so be extremely careful. Also the meat texture was quite different. It was more rubbery and dense but in soft way not a dry one. It’s like chewing less rubbery fish meatball. Just take a note about those unexpectedly small bones though.

Now For Smaller Scale Menu..

As for a snack or side dish, we ordered a plate of fried sliced-eggplants.

pondok patin bakar 4

I think that was a whole eggplant sliced into smaller bite size and was deep fried. It’s slightly salty and I don’t know, whether they dipped the sliced eggplants than deep frying it or they pre-made it beforehand. Anyway, they’re good.

And I want to make a small note of this simple but beautifully executed beverage

pondok patin bakar 3

A milk tea! Yep, an ordinary milk tea but with great and perfect proportions between the tea and condensed milk. The common non-instant milk tea here uses condensed milk. It’s sweet but the tea flavor didn’t get engulfed  in the milk. Proper balance.

Anyway, I think that’s for now, I’ve shot menu we had that day and let’s call it a day. Visit this blog daily for routine foodie and gaming updates, leave me comments at comment section below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!



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