Passion vs Survival : Which One?

Hello, everyone!

Today’s topic is my thought about a great battle between something called Passion and Survival. This might not a big case for many people, but it sure is for my life. Regarding on my previous post (read here), which is about me aiming to be a professional on design / drawing field, I’ve found the core problem to this.

Right now, I am dealing with my (let’s call it) passion since I like love it and I want to make money from this. The bigger problem is, right now I can’t. I can’t make money from this and right now I only practice and draw almost everyday (except when I’m busy with other important things). I think, well, it might not be my time yet to be productive in this area, but sometimes I also think ‘Is this not my way?’. The later one is quite a shock for me if I think about it more. If it isn’t my way, then why the heck am I still doing this?


I know there is a possibility for that option, but I choose to fight more, practice more, draw more and planning to get better and excel in this. I have to think positively and hope that there will be a time that this is really my thing. However, facing that problem, there’s another question, ‘how am I gonna survive, at least for now?’. I can apply for a another kind of job in some companies (outside my passion, become a salaryman, for instance) and even though I’m hired, I might do well there (with jobs, colleagues, bosses, environment, etc). I’m pretty sure I can make decent money from that, though. What concern me most that is not what I really want to do.

Right now, I’m planning on getting a job in a company (it’s OK if it’s not what I really want), at least I can survive right now. Meanwhile, I’ll keep practicing to draw or make design as a side activities. I think it’s the best plan for now since I can’t make decent money by design or drawing, but I surely hope in the future, that dream can come true.

This is a sample of what I usually do but I made this about a year ago :


Simple Design of Traditional Hand-Axe

More in my Artstation and Patreo😀

So, what do you think is the best I should do right now? Comment down below if you have any constructive ideas.


*well, another short post, isn’t it? hahahaha*

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