The Office Quest : Simple Brain-Twisting Puzzler

As an avid puzzle gamer, I’d love to try some games especially with unique presentation. Unfortunately this game is still under development so I can’t get full experience on it. This game’s title is The Office Quest by Deemedya Inc.. It’s a point-and-click game and you don’t need any other actions. All you need is work your brain off and try to solve the puzzle sequence. In my opinion, the puzzles are not that hard to solve but sometimes you don’t have any clues to proceed. You may literally tap everything in your screen to see what stuffs you can interact with.

Background Story and Environment Of The Office Quest

You’re taking a role of an office worker in a strange office. Everyone’s wearing weird costumes and your main task is to sneak away from the office. The nuance is a little bit surreal since you’ll be in a realistic office and next you might find strange creatures/monsters. By sneaking away you’ll need to distract your bosses, colleagues, and others so you won’t get spotted.

the office quest

There’s a red flower that will guide you through out the game so you’ll have idea on where you’ll be heading next. You can collect some items and it will be displayed at the bottom. You can use it later just by tapping an interactive object after tapping the proper item. Sometime the interaction might be out of your idea so, yeah, just try everything possible.

the office quest 2

At some points in the game you need to solve mini puzzles. It’s a medium-hard level puzzles to conquer and they’re including cable tracing, clue solving, item finding, and sequence puzzle. At least those were the ones I’ve faced up to this second.

In Development Or.. ?

I’ve read the comments of Google Play’s The Office Quest page and a few of them gives below 3 stars. They said there’re some problems with the developer and the status of this game. Some people said you need to pay in order to get the next chapter(s) but somehow they said the chapters weren’t released yet. Wow.

Some people said this game (which is free to play and I’ve played) is just the demo version and you need to buy the full version. Well, that’s fair and no problem. They said there’s no problem with the game since the full game has been released.

So far, I don’t know which to believe but paying for the full version of this game is worth it, IMO. This great puzzle game might be simple in visual but the puzzle can be brain-tingling especially for any of you who love puzzle games. Too bad I couldn’t get the full version due to budgetary problem but regardless, I was having fun playing the demo version.

the office quest 3

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