Not Not : Literally Playing About That Phrase

You may think that title as a joke but actually it isn’t. There’s a game called Not Not by Altshift and it is a puzzle game. Well, not so puzzle-y actually since it mostly involves quick thinking to finish the levels. Maybe I can consider it more into an action game despite the genre in Google Play being puzzle. To be honest, a lot of things can happen in a minute or less which is the time limit per level in this game. Rush, stress, temporary brain numbness maybe, these stuffs, can happen.

What In God’s Name Is A Game Called ‘Not Not’?

Well, despite being a really simple and minimalist game, Not Not is a fascinating and immersive game nevertheless.

not not

There! That’s your playground right there which is a solid black cube with instructions on it. Rule is pretty simple, just follow the instruction and swipe to the right directions. The shown example is ‘not left’ which means you can swipe up, down, or right. That one is just a simple instruction and to make it worst, the time is limited only about 3 seconds top. You need to clear every instructions (which varied between 20 – 40 steps) consecutively without a single error to gain complete gold score.

Now, there are 2 modes in this game. One is the classic mode,

not not 2

First is classic mode and this mode is like an exhibition or arcade mode in other games. You complete a level to unlock another levels but with different handicaps per level. For personal satisfaction you can complete every levels with gold score. The handicaps could be really ‘annoying and frustrating’ like ‘not not not up’ or ‘not not up’ or even ‘nothing’. The ultimate clue here is the phrase ‘not not’ regardless of the levels.

The second one being endless mode

not not 3

The endless mode is more or less a survival game. This level let you battle unlimited level and test your mental endurance since you’re going to experience lot of stuffs in your head. You might feel a deep rush stress for around 1 or 2 minutes while playing a level. You need to think quickly and respond to the instruction correctly or else, you lose.

And To Conclude Not Not..

To be fair, since this game have only one simple gameplay, I think it’s pretty damn good. You’ll die out of boredom regardless of the gameplay instead you might ‘die’ due to curiosity in completing 100%. Your incomplete feeling on how you failed to finish the game might hunt you down (at least that’s for me). It’s easy and unexpectedly hard at the same time. And finally even the developer jokingly made an ‘apology’..

not not 4

I’m not even sure if they’re really sorry at all, lol..

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