Ninja Arashi : Silhouette Full of Traps

In my hunting spree of searching another great games, I stumbled across a game called Ninja Arashi. It was a side scrolling platformer game by Black Panther (its developer). This game is basically a mix of side scrolling and RPG since you can customize skills. Some mobile games may be utilizing modern technologies for engine and mechanics but classic style still put an interest for some people, including me obviously. I think this game is still in development because the 3rd area is still locked.

Ninja Arashi Background Story..

This game actually has a cliche background story though lol. I don’t actually have a problem with that since the game itself is pretty mesmerizing. So in Ninja Arashi, you’re filling the shoes of a shinobi/ninja in taking revenge to an enemy after he raided his village, killed his wife, and kidnapped his son. It’s actually a pretty sad plot as well. This ninja himself is called Arashi hence the game title.

Gameplay And Everything

Since Ninja Arashi basically sticks to 2D side scrolling and platformer, your movement is limited. You can only move in 4 directions : left, right, up, and down. It also have unique silhouette style in graphics. I take this as a great idea but somehow and sometimes it could be really frustrating as well.

ninja arashi 1

ninja arashi 2

Throughout your journey, you need to evade any kinds of traps. They could appear as ceiling traps, ground traps, or wall traps. Since it’s in silhouette graphics, you can’t distinguish traps and ground easily and quickly. A single wrong step might lead you to death. It might be frustrating at first since you can actually dead after stepping on the ground with unknown reason. Turned out to be a musketeer on the wall shot your head. So, anything unpredictable like that may happen quite often. Aside from that, I love how they design the environment and music.

Skills And Their Customization

Arashi has 3 skills you can use to your advantage. First is dash, which is moving quickly that can instantly kills enemies. Your dash will stop if you trigger a bear trap but maximum level of improvement, you’re trap free. Second is disguise. Using disguise to confuse your enemies even you’re right in front of them. You won’t be detected or attacked. I rarely use this as I’d like to finish bouts ASAP. Last is shuriken or throwing stars. This is the main weapon to defeat enemies. You can do critical hit and chance will increase after leveling the skill up. In customization trees, everything has tire and you can upgrade them with both coins and gems. You can find these items throughout the dungeons.

Overall I love playing Ninja Arashi because it somehow reminds me of Megaman X series. The style, gameplay, enemies, somehow they’re quite similar. I’m still waiting for the next update to be launched and hopefully it’s the ending of this game. Anyway, I’m gonna end my story here, pour me some comments or recommendations at comment section, pay my blog daily visits for routine foodie and gaming reviews, follow my Instagram account @bitethefood, and see you next time.

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