Nasi Goreng La Vida (1) : Low Cost With Exquisite Quality

Well hello again guys! It’s been a while since I wrote my last post and took a short break (again). It’s been a busy week but hopefully we can still get in touch. So today I’ll be talking about a very popular food in Indonesia. Yepppp, some of you might’ve heard of it, nasi goreng. Literally translated to fried rice but I’ll stick to the original term. So my friend’s restaurant’s next door stall sells nasi goreng. The label is Nasi Goreng La Vida. I’ll share the Google Map location later at the end of this post.

Nasi Goreng La Vida Is Always Crowded-Jammed

The place taken for Nasi Goreng La Vida is considerably small but not overly small, though. But! Whenever they’re open business, customers flow were nonstop like crazy. My friend told me there are only 2 cooks to handle them, so, wow. Typically they’re preparing the restaurant at 4PM and open order at 5 until midnight, I guess.

The food was various from nasi gorengmi goreng (fried noodle), rica-rica , and some more. The main headline says Nasi Goreng La Vida (La Vida is the restaurant name) therefore I was going for a nasi goreng. Since it’s just next door, I just ordered for takeaway. Actually my friend and I ordered for a portion and split the food. I ordered nasi goreng special (if I recall correctly, hopefully) and  this is what we had.

nasi goreng la vida

We aimed for the most expensive nasi goreng in that restaurant and we found this one for IDR 15k. FYI, the price range of the food there was pretty impressively cheap and no wonder people come and go really quickly.

Now, speaking about taste, it was incredibly tasty. I believed it was like common Javanese style nasi goreng, but nope! Not at all. It leaned toward Chinese style nasi goreng if I may say. It’s not overly sweet and has a very delicious mix of spices. They used very little sweet soy sauce for it. It could fill my hungry stomach to 85% if I had it alone. That nasi goreng had all of the protein though, a complete package. You got seafood (squids, shrimps), eggs, chicken (meat, liver), and fish meatballs.

A Little Bit Problem Though..

This restaurant has a little bit of drawback though. The owners/cooks don’t have a fix schedule. That means, whether that day the restaurant is open or not, it’s really random. Since 3 days ago, it was closed continuously and I don’t know why. They have no announcement whatsoever. So, often I saw people came and learnt that the restaurant was close and head back empty handed.

But, food-wise, Nasi Goreng La Vida serves the best nasi goreng (and apparently mi goreng) I could find in Yogyakarta. Obviously I think about the price as well. At such relatively low price, they could give you some delicious food.

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No wonder this restaurant gets 5* rating on Google Map. 😀




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