Mung Beans Porridge : The Best Kind of Porridge

Back when I was a child, I didn’t like a lot of food, including this one. It’s literally mung beans porridge and back then I thought the taste was like “blurghh”. My thought as a child was weird texture, strange taste, and awful after-taste. As time flies by I tried to be picky and as it gets to this point, I kinda love this food. I consider it as a snack since it’s not too much of a belly-filler. Let’s get to the food already.

All About This Mung Beans Porridge..

I guess the child me was way too picky though. As I get older, I realize that this is one of the best snacks Indonesian culture has ever given to me. I don’t usually like porridge but this is the one I cannot reject like ever.

mung beans porridge

*sorry, I couldn’t snapped better picture since my spoon and the mung beans kept sinking all the time*

Anyway, that’s a portion of mung beans porridge and I got it from a hawker when he went around and passed right in front of my house. There are two types of hawkers for this snack, the go-all-around and semi-permanent tent type.  BTW, for a portion of this, you only need IDR 4k (IDR 5k top for some places).

Speaking about the taste, it’s half and half for sweet and savory. The making process of the mung beans porridge itself is with sugar. Meanwhile when they serve you this, they’ll top it up with coconut milk which gives the savory flavor. If you mix it good, the two flavors will blend completely and create one heartwarming sweet flavor. The mung beans was very soft and flaky which had unique texture indeed.

FYI, a complete set of that magnificent snack is mung beans with black glutinous rice porridge. You can actually ask for each items alone or combined. For that case, I bought a complete set for reviewing purpose. For the glutinous rice, it’s a little bit chewy but amazingly satisfying when you chew on this. It’s like the rice was popping. Some sellers can make it extra delicious.

And To Conclude Everything

This is one healthy and  amazing dish. I think it’s good for diet regime though. People usually start selling this from dusk to night (and the food is originally hot) so it’s good for cold night. Different case, Madura’s style also offers cold mung beans porridge with shredded ice and syrup and it’s worth to try.

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