Monalisa Burger : Local Burger, Local Taste

There’s an incredibly famous burger shop in my town. The name is Monalisa Burger. It was originally a food pick-up hawker at Jl. Kaliurang which I think still there as well. That’s the very first stall I know of this place. Back then when I tasted this burger for the first time, a long queue was there and mostly they’re youngsters. I haven’t started blogging at that time so I decided to visit the closer branch. It’s a restaurant this time which is pretty wide and was able to accommodate at least 20 people. I’ll provide a map at the end of this post, so stay tuned with me til the end.

Monalisa Burger’s Signature Patty

Unlike any western-influenced burger houses/stalls in my town, Monalisa Burger has their own signature patty. I only tried a burger so I can only give review about it, guys. The taste was unique and intriguing as well as the very simple composition. Regardless of the delightful taste, I think it was a little bit overpriced. It’s IDR 20k (if I’m not mistaken) for a cheeseburger which had way too little cheese. First time I bought it, it’s IDR 13k. If they cut the price off a little bit, I think it would be more worthy.

monalisa burger

There, I decided for my burger to be a takeaway, BTW. That was a portion of Monalisa Burger‘s cheeseburger. It had that patty, cheese, onions, lettuce, and big chunks of cucumber. Seriously that cucumber slices were thick as hell, lol. The patty is the one I’m going to highlight now. It’s very meaty and thick, moreover it had delicious savory beef flavor. I believe this patty was mixed with little bit of pepper before being deep fried. Yes, the patty was fried, not grilled like any others’.

Right, That Mayonnaise..

monalisa buger 2

Another thing I want to note is the mayonnaise. It’s not like any other mayonnaise I’ve tried before since it really bore the local sweetness flavor. Yep, it’s a sweet mayo. I don’t exactly know what that was made of but I think they put high amount of sugar there. Even so, the sugar didn’t take over any other flavor though. Another thing to note is, they would give you bunch of this mayonnaise so your food wouldn’t be lacking mayonnaise. I, personally, won’t say no to this local unique mayonnaise though.

Well, I guess that’s for now, next time I visit Monalisa Burger, I;ll make sure to order something else to try. Visit this blog for routine foodie and gaming review, leave me some comments, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!




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