Mi Lethek : It’s Just A Name

So for this one, I found the restaurant by accident actually. I was on my way home from somewhere and I saw the banner so there I was. I was paying a visit without knowing anything about that but turns out to be better than expected. This is a review of restaurant specializing in mi lethek. It’s a phrase in Javanese language and can be literally translated to ‘dirty noodle’ BUT it’s just a name though. It gets the name due to its darker-than-common visual appearance and looks pretty messy.

This Mi Lethek Was Actually Pretty Good

I didn’t expect to set a quality standard about this restaurant but somehow I was satisfied nonetheless. Usually noodle and fried rice in Yogyakarta are sweet but not this time. Before I talk more, I’ll present a photo of this mi lethek.

mi lethek

This is a portion and with only IDR 10k, you’ll get it. Also, I like the plate and it’s like an old school one which was used in ’90s.

The visual is quite unappetizing but it wasn’t a big deal. The most important was the taste which I love BTW. Despite having very dark visual (which I thought due to overusing sweet soy sauce), it wasn’t sweet like, at all. Instead it was more to savory and salty side and I don’t know why. I believe they used lots of garlic to create the taste and I even love noodle like this. The noodle wasn’t like any common noodle I’ve tried before. It’s visually similar to rice noodle but thicker and more chewy. It’s like abnormal chewiness for rice noodle but it’s lovable anyway. Inside it came with tons of vegetables like cabbage, green onions, and coriander, as well as chicken and egg. A complete whole package on a plate.

They Also Serve Another Dishes

Even though the banner said mi lethek, they also serve several other dishes like fried rice or rica-rica. All was at the IDR 10k to IDR 15k, not really that expensive, isn’t it? Probably next time I’ll try another dishes when I pay a visit. The restaurant itself isn’t that fancy and big, instead it’s like using small alleyway or front yard of a house in a silent neighborhood.

Actually people say there’re tons of famous mi lethek restaurants in Yogyakarta but almost everything is in remote area. Finding something in remote areas is really taking some time to finish so I think next time if I have some spare time, I’ll be going. If I have more references on it I think we can compare each restaurants cooking style.

So, I guess I’m going to end my review here, visit my blog for foodie and gaming updates, leave me some comments, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time.

Oh, the name is Mi Lethek Mbak Lilis actually.



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