Mento : Soft Savory Steamed Cake

For today’s snack post, I’m going to talk about a cool and delicious traditional snack, I believe this snack is popular across Indonesia and might have different names for each regions. The name is mento. During my childhood, it’s not really my thing since I rarely had any. It’s during my high school era I started to get to know this snack little bit more.  As time goes by, the shape and taste are really getting better. So without further intro, let’s get to know this yummy snack.

What Is Mento Actually?

Basically mento is a steamed cake but made of flour whether it can be rice flour or wheat. Let’s see what it really looks like.


FYI, a nagasari has similar consistency to mento since both have similar cooking method. Only difference is the taste. Maybe I’ll get some and make a review for it some time later. Both were steamed inside banana leaves for about +- 30 minutes.

So this delightful snack has very soft texture but a little bit sticky and chewy. It’s mostly savory and the filling usually is ground chicken. Well, that’s the one I found so far probably there are different fillings for another regions’ signatures. Long time ago, all I could find was small size dry mento but nowadays you can find larger ones with surplus broth inside. That one (above) has very little amount of that broth, though. The common size is at palm size maximum and can be smaller.

A Few More To Know..

At traditional markets, this snack is a little bit hard to find and I don’t know why. Some home bakeries sometimes are willing to produce this lovely snack. There are lots of banana-leaves-packed snack in Indonesia so choose it carefully or you’ll get the wrong type. For a piece of this snack, the sellers usually let it go for IDR 2k to IDR 4k, depending on the size and the sellers themselves.

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