Memory Limit : Test Your Memory Here!

Some people may be confident about their memory capability and skill. I found this game few days ago for those people though. It’s called Memory Limit by Funfun Games. Note the developer carefully since there might be lots of games out there with similar names. It’s a very simple and interesting game which purpose is to test your memory and to play using it. Nothing more.

Memory Limit’s Graphic And Simple Gameplay

If you read the tutorial, you might confuse yourself a little bit but not after you dive into the game itself. Actually it’s pretty easy (gameplay-wise) to play because all you need is just tapping some cards. The hardest part is memorizing the rules. I believe I can’t find screenshots at Google Play’s site but I’m going to give you some cool clues.

memory limit

Ok first thing first, I don’t know how many levels this game has since it’s probably endless. Per level the game will give you sets of cards and a specific rule. This rule will change per level and it could be as specific it possibly be. If you’re on a certain level with its rule and you’ve finished doing it, the rule will change to rule on previous level. Whatever rule the game displays, you need to do the exact command. If there’re no cards match with the rule on previous level, it will change to the level before, and it goes on until you reach first level’s.

memory limit 2

The tricky part is Memory Limit won’t display the exact command on what you need to do. Instead the game will only show you ‘follow rule X’ with X is the certain level number. This is where your memorizing skill comes to the table. The game will show you the exact command on pre-level screen and you need to memorize it for the entire game. You can do the cheat shortcut by taking notes but the game would lose the fun and become pointless though.

To Top This Post Off..

memory limit 3

I know I like this game even though memory isn’t my ace. Somehow I just love this challenging game but I passed the 12th or 13th level top. But if you need something to tickle your brain a little and can be done in your spare time, you might want to tray this Memory Limit. Anyway I’m going to end my post now, leave me comments at the comment section below, visit this blog regularly for routine foodie and gaming reviews, follow my IG account @bitethefood, and see you next day.

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