Meaty-Ball : Bakso Gress

I don’t really eat shopping mall’s food that often, but when I do, it’s quite pricey. This time is pretty different, though, since I got a great deal while spending more money then usual. So here, Bakso Gress located in Galeria Mall’s basement floor. I don’t know what to expect here, but my friends said that it’s gonna be a bit pricey but you’ll get a great deal in return. They’re right after all.

Back then, we’re just taking a stroll in Galeria and confused to decide where to eat. We finally decided to eat there. I’ve never been having dinner in Bakso Gress so it’s my first time.  By the way, bakso means meatball in English, just so you know. The restaurant itself isn’t that big, probably only capable of having 7 or 8 sets of table inside. It’s a bit different than other meatball restaurant in Yogyakarta since you can choose your own stuffs at the counter (meanwhile at most meatball restaurants you can only order a set of meatball). Almost everything is self service since you need to pick your own items and proceed to cashier for payment. The cashier then will pour you the broth and let you order drinks.

I’m not really a soup and broth guy but I must admit this dish at Bakso Gress was great deal compared to how much I paid (around IDR 28k, about twice amount of common bowl of meatball). I gotta be honest I didn’t know what I picked since the name tags were unorganized. So I ended up picking this and that without knowing a single stuff (except ordinary piece of meatball). I have to say everything I had back then was very meaty. They’re so tender and a little bit chewy but gave the best meatball impression I’ve ever had. The soup tasted a little bit to the bland sight with garlic-y sub-taste (and you’ll get bunch of minced green onions in it).

That green stuff was a shrimp-based meatball and it tasted so friggin’ delicious. The green wrapper was like dumpling wrapper and the meat was put inside. I had similar piece but with white wrapper. I don’t know but both wrappers tasted the same, probably just matter of color. Every pieces were perfectly steamed and spiced. Mostly savory and a little bit salty but not overly. If you look closely, next to the green piece was a roll of steamed noodle which was pretty tasty as well. It’s plainly steamed without spices but the chewiness was at the awesome level.

It’s the first time for me to be there and I wasn’t disappointed.  That was sure more pricey than usual but I understand that eating in a shopping mall would never be wallet-friendly. Anyway, I think that’s for now, pour me some words if you have any opinions or recommendation and stay tuned for my next stories.



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