Mangut Lele : High Level Of Spiciness

About couple of months ago my father told me there’s a great restaurant in Bantul. Bantul is the southern part of DIY province and still has lot of culinary spots for me to discover. However my dad actually visited this restaurant frequently back when he was younger. The restaurant’s name is Mangut Lele Mbah Marto. By the way, lele is catfish. The place is quite remote and is located in a very small alleyway. I’ll provide a map at the end of this post so stay tune with me until the end. 🙂

Simple And Homey Mangut Lele ‘Restaurant’

I have a picture of the restaurant and, oh boy, this reminds me of a traditional kitchen of common homes back then. Right when I was a little kid, I still remember that my kitchen’s appearance looks pretty close from this one.

mangut lele

It’s not dirty or anything, it has homey nuance imbued in this place (at least for me). There were only 2 dining tables there which has about 8 people spots per table. So yeah, it’s not that big of a restaurant. The traditional surrounding really threw me back to an old time memories when I was a little brat. 😀 The owner even still cooks with traditional stoves with charcoal fueling, pretty similar to ‘anglo‘. Inside those pots were lots of mangut lele (which I’m going to show you all later), gudeg, and opor.

Now, The Superior Main Dish

In this place, you’ll only have 3 menu options, mangut lele, smoeked catfish, and opor (chicken). There’s the signature dish from Yogyakarta, gudeg, as well if you would like to order but it’s only plain gudeg.

mangut lele 2

OH HOLY LORD, GIVE MERCY! These were there spiciest catfishes I’ve ever eaten, no kidding. Even my mom and dad who are fans of spicy food said those were too much. Somehow, somehow.. Those were delightful as hell. So it’s like you’re enjoying something delicious but in ‘agony’. No kidding, that food was delicious, you might as well try some. Every flavors were in great balance and I think she (the cook) used simple and common ingredients but at the right portions so the final products were enormous. Usually she will bring 5 fishes per plate but you’re welcome to ask more

mangut lele 3

This right here is the gudeg which is a traditional and signature dish from Yogyakarta. Sure every place serve this sweet food differently from each other and this one tasted classic. It’s like an old time recipe people no longer serve. Basically, this was young jack fruits boiled with brown sugar and coconut milk for a pretty long time. The texture was soft and partially melting, and the taste was sweet (some places could make unbelievable sweet gudeg but this one wasn’t).

Alright, I think I’m going to end my post here, visit this blog daily for foodie and gaming updates, leave me comments below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!

There’re 2 restaurants at this spot which are next to each other. The one I’ve tried is the front one. If you enter the alley, it’s on your right.



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