Mama Gelato : The Newest In Town

There’s a gelato shop right across to my campus. It’s been quite a few years but I’ve just been there couple months ago. The name is Mama Gelato. I don’t really consume ice cream, or sweet dessert generally, but trying once in a blue moon wouldn’t kill me. More over, I went there with my friends and I admit, that’s one nice and cozy place to hangout. Since I only ordered pair of scoops, I don’t think this is going to be a long post.

Soothing Place, Cozy Mama Gelato

If you look at Mama Gelato from the street, you’d probably think that it’s a small place. Upon entering, it’s way more spacious that I imagined it would be. It’s a cozy wide spaces with quite a lot of sofas-tables. The lighting is dimmed to create such modern and vintage look to the entire shop.

mama gelato

This emblem/logo was hung at the far end of the shop, opposite of the main door. The street in front of Mama Gelato is one of the busiest in town but from inside, it’s kinda muted. Looks like the sound dampener really works well in the room.

Speaking of the Ice Cream..

Right after entering the entrance door, on your right is the ice cream display. As well as the cashier/ordering corner. You’ll need to pick some ice cream before picking the seats. I don’t quite remember what flavors were there but I can recall some like mango, yogurt, cheesecake, red velvet, choco chips, choco mint, white choco, and some more. They’ve got like 15 or so flavors for you to pick.

mama gelato 2

For that one (a cone with 2 scoops of ice cream), I got it for IDR 20k. Mama Gelato is still the cheapest in town, speaking of gelato shops at the same quality/level.

I don’t like sweets/sweet flavors so I chose cheesecake, hopefully it wasn’t sweet. And it wasn’t. LOL. The cheesecake was actually pretty delicious BUT if they could enhance it a bit more, I think it would be even better. Give strong cheesecake flavor there for it to stand out. To be fair, they put small chunks of real cheesecake inside the ice cream. That’s a plus.

When I was choosing the 2nd scoop, I was a little bit confused since the other looked so sweet. I wouldn’t ever choose choco/white choco/something similar with overdosed sweetness. My friends recommended me to go for the yogurt one, so there I go. The yogurt is a little bit of downfall actually. Not that it’s bad, but it’s unexpectedly bland, not as strong I imagined.

And to Conclude..

Overall, I still like both flavors and especially the place. Some other gelato shops are crowded as hell but since this one is newer than others, probably they’re still making names for themselves. Could be crowded as well in the future, though. Back when I was there, it was just me and my friend, and then after about 30 minutes, a group of 2 also came in.

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