Local Malaysian Cuisine : Kedai Malaysia (2)

Just last night, I came back to this Malaysian restaurant I wrote about in my last blog entry. I’m loving all thing about spice so I can wholeheartedly come to any place serving spicy (not hot, but spicy) food at almost anytime.

Last night was a cold one, rain poured and something that can warm my body could be one heck of a great choice. My friends and I were discussing a place to have dinner and back to Kedai Malaysia we went.

*Intermezzo : This is gonna be a shorter post compared to the previous one about Kedai Malaysia since I’ve been talking about a lot of things there and here I’m just going to talk about the food I got last night.*

So.. Last night I tried another menu, but it’s still a Nasi goreng (literally, translated to English to ‘fried rice’, a stir fried dish made of rice basis with various kinds of ingredients and toppings, depend on personal preferences) like I ordered last time, just different style. Last post, I talked about chicken buttered fried rice, but this time, I ordered curry fried rice. It’s a fried rice dish, seasoned with curry spices and stir fried with various toppings like sweet corn sprinkle, fish cake, vegetables, and chicken.


Curry Fried Rice

That curry fried rice is a little bit too hot for me, even I think it’s mild for average person. However, the spiciness give a great sensation during cold time like last night. Even it’s too hot for me, I love the spices. The taste really resemble curry from what I’ve had in Singapore. I don’t know, maybe the chef used the same curry spices. It wasn’t salty nor sweet, so it’s really well-balanced. That side dish on my top left of my plate is called ‘kerupuk’ or crispy crackers. Compared to my previous chicken butter fried rice, this curry fried rice, is more brown in color due to its curry ingredients.

*note : that portion is a little bit over for an average eater like me, so if you are a massive eater, you might like the size*

Spices will never get old for me, even though I don’t like spicy (hot) food, and that’s very unfortunate of me. Born and living in Indonesia where most of the delicious food are seasoned with spicy ingredients. Well.. well.. 😐

OK, this time let’s call it a day. I know it’s much shorter than some of my previous posts, but I think that’s more than enough for now. Stay tuned for my next foodie trips!


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Thank you. :D*

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