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I don’t actually know how to describe this snack called jongkong. Upon searching, I still can’t find out where this cake originally come from. I believe each region has its own recipe and style but this time I’m going to talk about the one from Malang. Well, at least what they sold near where I lived that time. I took a few days trip to Malang few days ago for family matters and I tried to get as many foodie experience as possible while I was there.

What Is Jongkong Actually?

Jongkong is actually a traditional snack which has soft but dense texture and you can imagine it like mozzarella cheese texture but not chewy. I believe this snack is made of rice flour as its base and the maker can stylize as he/she please. In Malang, or at least what I had that day, it was pitch black, literally. I got 4 slices per portion which came in a small plastic container. I believe it’s final product of steaming therefore resulting in that kind of texture, soft but dense.

Let’s take a look of a picture I snapped that dayjongkong 1

(sorry, I ate a piece already then took a picture of what’s left of it, forgot though..)

See, I wasn’t kidding when I sid that it’s pitch black. It’s like eating pieces of charcoal but these were soft.

So, What Does It Taste..

Speaking of the taste, it was way tastier that you might expect it to be. I know the appearance might not be appetizing but jongkong was tasty. It’s basically sweet but only at the slightest. As it was soft and dense, it was also sticky both outside and inside. Not that slimy sticky but more like dry sticky. On top of it, there was also shredded coconut to complete the taste. There’s no other significant taste other than that subtle sweetness since it’s basically pretty bland. It’s suitable for people who don’t really into sweets but still craving for traditional snacks.

Here in Yogyakarta I hardly find jongkong probably since it’s not so popular here. Probably the most similar snack is either talam or ongol-ongol but, meh, I love most traditional snack anyway. OK so I’m gonna end my story here, it’s a short one for today. Leave me some comments if you have recommendations or ideas, pay my blog daily visits for routine foodie and gaming update, follow my Instagrm account @bitethefood, and see you next time.




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