Instant Violinist : Violin Magical Bow

For the history of my life, I rarely played musical game, not even the famous Dance Dance Revolution during 90’s and early 2000’s. However, lately a lot of musical game, specially for mobile are really well-developed. Since it’s designed in 2010’s and onwards, they (developers) are using more futuristic musics, usually marked with techno style. I’m not really a techno guy, so I move to something else. My friend played a piano one before, might review the game next time. But for today, I wanna highlight the violin one called Violin Magical Bow by rubycell. This developers also produced the piano one I’ve stated previously.

What’s Inside Violin Magical Bow Songbook

Since this is really a simple but magnificent game, I think I don’t need a long story to extract all the greatness, so here it is. Playing Violin Magical Bow is like being an instant virtual violinist due to its amazing concept. First, we’ll talk about its music playlist. So far, every songs that I’ve ever played in the game is a classical notes. Take names of legendary maestros and composers like Bach, Brams, and many more at your song lists. You can play that with your virtual violin (or cello and viola if you buy the in-game purchase). Those masterpieces are right in your hand to play. But, not every musics are unlocked at the same time. You need to play some songs, make progress, gain experience, and level up to unlock next songs. The higher your level, the more songs in your book.

Violin Magical Bow Gameplay

Now, for the game mechanics. All you’re presented with is just a violin with moving colorful nodes. All you have to do is play that node. Don’t worry it’s not that hard (in the beginning). Since there are 4 strings, there are 4 different areas for corresponding string. When a node reach the black circle point, you need to place your bow at the corresponding string area and start swiping left or right to make the sound by hitting that node. You go like this until the song is finished. Each nodes give you points for scoring system at the end of each song. Sometimes the nodes are a bit longer so you need to swipe slowly like dealing with the real violin. Timing and tempo are important in Violin Magical Bow. Also sometimes, you’ll meet machine gun-like strings of nodes, so you need to play your bow carefully to get full points.


TBH, I don’t play the cello and viola version since I don’t have the budget to do so, but the violin itself is so dam* great. I don’t know much of classical instruments or compositions, but I like hearing some classical songs. I enjoy the song and the gameplay. The viola and cello have different game mechanics, I think, and I’m eager to try them sometimes in the future.

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