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A few posts ago, I’ve talked about a musical game called Violinist : Magical Bow which was developed by rubycell. Today I’m gonna talk about similar game, also from rubycell, but with different musical instrument called Piano+. Piano plus, of course, is a game of piano simulator but there’s a special feature inside that I really love.

I don’t know a lot about piano, aside from Do to Do, but I’m impressed how rubycell developed this game. The concept is actually similar to the violin one but the game mechanics is a little bit different. First of all, you’ll be presented with piano UI, obviously. This piano range is a little bit high to match the real piano, so you can hit the lowest note to the highest note. Now, this is a great idea, however our phone/tab screen might not be able to handle all that notes at once. You can, but the keys would be as small as strings thus hard to hit.

The game itself is similar to any hit-the-beat musical games. You’ll be presented the piano keys and have coming notes you need to hit with corresponding keys to produce sounds. It’s fun to play even though you can’t play piano at all. Sometimes you’re gonna mishit the notes and produce wrong sounds and make your supposed-to-be streak ends ridiculously. Sometimes in Piano+, you’ll need to press 2 or 3 keys simultaneously to fit the coming notes.

Moving to the song choices, you can browse online songs and might find what you really want. I’ve been playing some of my favorite songs including game and anime soundtracks. I think, the mechanism behind that online song search is some people out there making MIDI music sheets that can be played via this app. I don’t really know how they submit their works, but somehow, you can access that sheets by searching it from in-game search engine. Every songs you’ve searched would be stored on a list, so if in any case you want to replay it, don’t worry because everything’s stored.

On the other hand, I found some drawbacks from Piano+. This might relate to some people or it’s just my personal problem actually. It could be my personal gadget’s issue, actually, so I might be wrong on this. Sometimes when I’m still in the middle of a song, the nodes just become invisible, I slide left and right to find them but no results. Then I press random key and suddenly all the nodes become visible again but in smaller size, breaking all the tempo. Sometimes the length of a node doesn’t suit the song at all. So when you’re holding a key of a node, then press another key that’s supposed to be your next node, you’ll move right away to that node, breaking the tempo as well. I think that’s an error and a homework for the developer for future enhancement. Other than that, I find this game amusing and pretty amazing, remembering how the music sheets are well-made and detailed.

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