Hottest Instant Noodle I’ve Ever Tried : Samyang (Roasted Chicken Flavor)


Heh, I don’t know there exist a freakin’ instant noodle that can make my mouth ‘on fire’. So the backstory was some friends were talking about this instant noodle or ramen called Samyang. They urged me to try this ramen knowing I’m not a fan of spicy food. Even my brother urged me to. I believe this ramen is originally from South Korea based on the cover design and text. That time I tried the roasted chicken flavoured one.

Inside a package of Samyang you’ll get a portion of instant noodle (which is larger portion than any common Indonesian instant noodles) and the ingredient paste. Just a single sachet of ingredients for a portion. Paste is red, indicating how spicy it’s gonna be and I’m prepared for the worst, lol. I predicted that the spiciness would be around 3 or 4 times of usual instant noodle I try. Also, the final product is more orange-ish red compared to any common ramen from Indonesia which is light brown in color.

OK, so here’s the final product

*NOTE : additional side dishes (tofu and egg) were provided by myself

Oooh, I forget, you’ll also get slices seaweed and sesame seeds to sprinkle.

So the result was actually way beyond my expectation. First of all, I love it. I mean the flavor. It’s not too sweet and more into salty side but what I want to highlight here is the spiciness. BY GOD, it was so dam* spicy! It was approximately 8 to 10 times more spicy than any usual instant noodle I’ve ever tried. Right now I’m wondering whether people in Korea really love spicy food for daily consumption. I had to eat it quickly to minimize any ‘fire’ inside my mouth and on my lips. Upon finished my lips were like numb or something. I need 2 glasses of cold water to put the fire off.

Samyang really gives new experience and broaden my horizon in term of instant noodle. That was my first time eating instant noodle so spicy that burns my mouth. Samyang‘s spiciness similar to oseng-oseng mercon (mercon is Javanese for firecracker) which is pretty popular in Java. Regardless of its epic spiciness level, this one is worth to try especially for anyone who can handle high level of spiciness.

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