Heartwarming Game with Relaxing Music : Showa Candy Shop

Back on the time when I got this game, I barely know what new game should I explored. Despite being a hardcore game, I also love casual and light games only to fill up my spare time. Then I found this developer, Gagex Co.,Ltd. which has several casual games and I checked out 2 of them.

The first game I played is this candy-shop-themed game named Showa Candy Shop. There are 2 installments of this series already but I only played the 2nd installment. Since both the 1st and 2nd have similar gameplay (yes, I already installed 2 of them), I decided to keep the 2nd only and finish it thoroughly.

This game is a real gem, really. Showa Candy Shop 2 offers a simple and cool casual gaming experience with amazing game design. You’ll take a role of an old lady owning and managing a small candy shop (also sells toys) during Japan’s Showa era. You have one main mission to complete the game which is getting mails to complete the story of her families who are going out of the city. I won’t spoil anything here, just play the game by yourself and feel the great nuance.


As you can see, the graphic style is more into cute chibi-cartoon style with bright and soft tones of colors. I’m pretty sure this style of coloring doesn’t make your eyes tired quickly so you can play this game for quite a long time in one run. The nuance is very powerful in this game with that distant crowd noise, food sellers sound, chit chat, and many more.

The gameplay is pretty simple, yet making it not boring at all. First thing first is, you need to supply your shop with stuffs to attract children to come and buy something. They will give money to keep you with resupplying things. Some children have their own preferences in stuffs, so make sure to check the requirement in catalog in order to attract some specific children to come. Some children will leave mementos for collection and at some certain points in the game, specially after idle state (it’s an idle game, so it’s OK to leave for a while, just make sure it’s fully supplied before you leave), you’re gonna get letters which is the progress of the main storyline. Your other side mission is to collect every mementos, customers, and gachapon (capsule toys/goodies). Well, I finally got them 100%. It took some time but it’s worth it :D. The capsule toys were the ones that took quite a while to collect.

There’re 2 screen which is the front side of the shop and the inner part of the home. There’s a button on the upper left side that if you tap it, it will move you to the other screen. Customers will visit both part of the house, so make sure to check both of them frequently. Usually the letters and mementos are left on the 2nd screen (inner home).

The nuance is so calming with that cute graphics like I stated earlier, plus the soft and heartwarming music. That is so cool! You can even use the music for sleep therapy if you would, hahaha. Showa Candy Shop is a great game, suitable for casual gamers who’re not seeking any thrills, score, or hardcore challenges. If you’re in that criteria, this is your game! Besides, it’s free to download. :D. I’m still exploring new games to play so if you have any recommendations, opinions or idea, just pour it in the comment sections, give like if you enjoy reading my experiences, and see you next time with some new stories.



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