Hatchick : Student-Friendly Fast Food Joint

Local fast food joints are pretty hot in my city right now. Most of them are serving fried chicken, only with different style and tweaks. Hatchick, is one of them, located in a kind of culinary mini-central. I’ll provide a map down below, though, so stays with me until the end :D. I actually got the information of this place from my friends and upon looking at her picture, I decided to try some.

Apparently Hatchick Has Special Cheese Sauce

I love cheese and would like to try any cheese-related product.  BUT, I was also interested in their barbecue sauce. So.. I did the wisest choice I could ever made that time. Ordered both! lol. Luckily, Hatchick serves a la carte cheese sauce so I didn’t need to order 2 portions.

This is what I had..hatchick 2

That was a chicken breast w/ barbecue sauce + extra cheese sauce (in the cup). The plating style is really similar to any fast food joints out there but I’m here to highlight the taste. I gotta admit, they really gave plenty barbecue sauce and that’s a great start. Moreover, the sauce was awesome. It’s pretty balanced between the sweet and slight sourness. You can almost got the smoky flavor, only if they can enhance it a little bit more, that would be awesome. Now, the unfortunate thing, the cheese sauce. It’s somehow pretty bland :(. I was hoping for a strong cheesy sauce and that somewhat a downstream.

Actually, I came there with my friends and he ordered an original fried chicken. That was a great timing for comparing the original and the tweaked recipe.


I’m pretty serious, their appearance weren’t that appealing though, a little bit unfortunate. The batter actually is pretty bland so the sauce really crank it up. It’s actually pretty hard-crunchy to bite.

One perk of this place, though, was you can refill your tea for unlimited amount of times. So, yeah, tea lovers, or anyone, feel free and don’t be shy to fill up more.

And to Conclude Them All

If they could upgrade the batter, that would be awesome, noting that their barbecue sauce was awesome. Also, the cheese sauce, that’s a little bit below my expectation but everybody might have different taste buds.

Nice touch on the tea, though, college students would really love it 😀

Well, I guess that’s for now, don’t forget to check out my blog for foodie references, leave me some comments down below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!



Remy R.

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