Hammer’s Quest : Keep Smackin’ Through

This time I’m going to talk about a game I found coincidentally. Literally I was trying bunch of indie games and I found this one. It turns out to be an interesting one though. The game’s called Hammer’s Quest and the developer behind it is oridio. It’s actually a pretty simple and minimalist game yet somehow I’m curious about the storyline. I hope it’s not a cliche story but well, I’ll keep going forward. BTW, I’ve not finished the game yet and I think’t it’s not anytime soon.

Hammer’s Quest Is Bringing Old Time Feel Of RPG

Hammer’s Quest is actually 2D side scrolling RPG with looks of old school video games. It has pixelated graphics with almost retro-like background music. The game’s setting is about a boy who’s pursuing his not-coming-back father when he ventured in a quest. While his father was a knight, the boy only has a hammer to begin his quest with.

hammer's quest

This pixelated game only has 2 controls during its main gameplay, tap and hold. Tap is for quick attacks that only deal damage to enemy right in front of you. Meanwhile, holding-releasing screen is for charged attacks. They deal damage to much wider area and moreover if you have high-tier hammers.

hammer's quest 2

The movement is automatic so you only need to deal with the offense. There are tons of stages and per stage you’ll have 5 sub-levels to complete. The boss will wait you at the end of the 5th sub-level on each stages. The bosses are similar to the smaller field enemies but with more destructive attacks and much greater HP. Speaking about HP, your own HP will regenerate over time, just make sure the healing process is greater than the enemies’ attacks.

hammer's quest 3

The Boy’s Weapon And Status Customization

As you progress through the stories, the boy obviously needs bigger and more powerful arsenal. He only has two options, upgrading the hammer or himself.

hammer's quest 4

You can do both things in Hammer’s Quest by using in-game coins which can be acquired after battle. Another thing to get coins is by completing special stages specifically for coins farming. A free (of energy) stage and the other one consumes 1 energy but gain 3 times the coins. Task is simple, destroy as many blocks as possible. Therefore, possessing greater hammer is guaranteed to gain more money since you can crush lots more. As for the boy’s status, you can upgrade his HP, defense, speed, and some more.

Begin your journey as the boy, NOW..

hammer's quest 5

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